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East 17 - Deep
Turn the lights low And put some music on Let our bodies sing Swing 2 the soft song I feel ya heat It's turning me on I wanna feel ya all night long so Come close, as close as U can I surrender you
East 17 - Hey child
Hey child Wash away your tears Hang on till tomorrow comes Cos it will soon be here Hey child Don't give up today Gotta be some good times baby Not so far away Child Love don't come easily And
East 17 - Let it rain
As we walk through the Corridor of creation We see lands divide Nation against nation Like comets they collide And we pray We pray for the unseen To be seen by the eyes of man When heaven and earth
East 17 - Stay another day
Baby if you`ve got to go away I don`t think I can take the pain Won`t you stay another day Oh don`t leave me alone like this Don`t say it`s the final kiss Won`t you stay another day Don`t U know


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