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Earthtone9 - 20000
two minutes give in to me two minutes it's all i need it's not much to ask, to ask for there is, nothing left give all the chance ? i think, you do the same and i gonna take that no way ??? i can
Earthtone9 - 3rd Ripple In (Wove)
would you if you could do? would you if you had to? should you if you need to? should you when i told you? repercussions of my - actions sweep scold legend seeps repercussions of my - actions sweep
Earthtone9 - Amnesia
i would walk to remember to forget to remember to forget what do i have to offer you the offer is not empty the glass is so full i wish that i could show you proof i know that you are a gift to m
Earthtone9 - Cracked Hands, Dry Face
[in background before song starts] cheers! the wait of influencing fourteen vents of ? manesfestation the whisper, scraped together ??? became the reason ? opinion jesus forgive me, jesus forgive m
Earthtone9 - Ever You Say
shudder, even me ? any should ? it sends pricks ? the sky's blue all you have to do is all you have to do is all you have to do is all you have to do is all you have to do is all you have to do i
Earthtone9 - Grind And Click
grind and click the bomb goes off with a grind and a click no flick of the switch but a knife to the wrist blows my mind every time
Earthtone9 - House Of Leaves
some will never fade indelible mark is made those who wield the brightest flame bring change some marks are lighter some courses are longer some marks are lighter some courses are longer every
Earthtone9 - I Nagual Eye
to bear the brunt choose of the path bear scars and marks chosen is frozen paths been chosen paths been chosen step on the cracks see the ground weeps bury me under sticks as the wood burns burn
Earthtone9 - Intonegrateattached
a meeting of minds a meeting of hearts and vibes discuss the ideas to locate some common ground a meeting of minds a meeting of hearts and vibes built two angles tangential oblique sounds shouty b
Earthtone9 - Leadfoot
written a list of stupid things this would be the king crowned, sitting above the rest by a neck it only takes a momentary lapse the main offenders are easy to pick out they're spotted from one hundr
Earthtone9 - LoDef(Inition) Discord
you will never be the same again you will never be the same again you will never be the same again you will never be the same temptation i feel it, i greet it i know it has a fucking name i breathe
Earthtone9 - Nameless (The 4th And The 10th)
the wear and tear has taken a toll here we are old we are alone and we are dead - dead - dead less is more more or less i guess if you're blessed with a second guess and did you bring a friend les
Earthtone9 - Off Kilter
receive receive - the revelation beaten on a skin drum using instruments of bone sheens gone, so tune in feel the drone to writhe to writhe - to a rhythm with the blank eyed primitives suffer the fi
Earthtone9 - Revelation
the thread has frayed the fabric is wrenched my hair and skin will repair a fear of fear but fear makes us whole access recess it hides like a trojan like a trojan, like a trojan cut this away
Earthtone9 - Sand (Spiral
when is the hour? now or never passing of the sand through hands un-nurtured see it right in front of me nulify wage a war on the spineless i tire of writhing, crawling - with maggots writhing, cr
Earthtone9 - Tat Twam Asi
tat twam asi lost in a wilderness i will build a fire i become a fire to swim in the waters burrowing and bellowing into a consciousness kicking against yet we're needing to want this sucking a
Earthtone9 - Vitriolic Hsf
download the weapon grade the new take upon the fearsome a copyright on the program you have the new angle your cut is right place right time, right place you're locked in to repeat carbon faction b
Earthtone9 - Withered
easy to understand the burials and the reasons why as flies feast on the remenance enhanced corrosion of its soul-like vessel as we all wither zero concessions for the trivia of creed withered, we a
Earthtone9 - You Again
[original shihad lyrics shown, et9 version lyrics differ slightly] i hope i never see you again i hope i never touch you again sometimes i wonder, whats fucked in my heart wont let your fingers tear us


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