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Earth Crisis - Agress
Tried to stop my progress, set a wall in my path. Tried everything possible to make me come in last. Wanted so hard to see me fall and to stay down. Every time I am the one that picks myself up off the
Earth Crisis - All Out War
This time I'm not going to walk away. This time I'm not going to let you slide. I have to give you what your thirst is for. It's not for your good, it's not for my pride. Evil lies beyond ignorance. A
Earth Crisis - Arc Of Descent
Time's up to decide, now it's time to choose a side. Time's up to decide, now it's time to choose a side. Time's up to decide, now it's time to choose a side. Time's up to decide, now it's time to choos
Earth Crisis - Behind The Wire
Imprisoned behind the wire, the doomed await their end. Tangled corpses fill the pits, starved, shot, or poisoned. To the horrors the world turns away from the suffering in apathy. A blind eye to the vi
Earth Crisis - Biomachines
Dawn of the biomachines. Experiments to spawn the new breed of half living creatures to butcher for organs. Transplants extend another's life span, re-created, twisted in neo-god's hands. Animals physio
Earth Crisis - Breed The Killer
Designed to deceive myths of supremacy. A climate ingrained of fear and disdain. Spawning murderers since time began. Borders redefined, the aggressors rule. Demons have their day of every race in eve
Earth Crisis - Constrict
Rage has ruled me for so long that I don't want to think anymore. I've tried to claw my way out, but I am sealed in. It seems the game is designed to make me lose. It's weight slowly drags me down. I dr
Earth Crisis - Deliverance
From birth an existence of agony begins that ends with execution. Intetionally infected with diseases to then try to find cures for humans. Fractured skulls, broken bones, scalded flesh and blinded ey
Earth Crisis - Ecocide
Silenced in the roar of the flames. After the screams and the dying, nothing remains. Desecrated, slashed, burned to the ground. In the frenzy of greed, cries of protest are drowned. The earth dies
Earth Crisis - End Begins
The end begins around us. The signs are too clear to deny. As a new millennium begins once faint hoof beats become clearer. An impassable void's creation between overlords and consumer drones rushes t
Earth Crisis - Escape
Conditioned to turn away from all that was meant to be. Programmed to be a machine locked into a chemical captivity. Swim out into the darkness, won't return till it's accomplished. Sanity lost in madne
Earth Crisis - Firestorm
Street by street. Block by block. Taking it all back. The youth's immersed in poison--turn the tide counterattack. Violence against violence, let the roundups begin. A firestorm to purify the bane tha
Earth Crisis - Inherit The Wasteland
Destroyed in the hands of the deranged. Mankind's will has been imposed upon the earth as though we were alone and if our actions had no consequences. Man crushes all that bars the way on this path to
Earth Crisis - Loss Of Humanity
[No Lyrics]
Earth Crisis - Mass Arrest
The course set for complete oppression, an explosive destination. Fast forward ahead into time, technology metamorphasizing. Beware...beware imposed serfdom. Beware...beware inputted serfdom. Robotics
Earth Crisis - Mechanism
Won't look beyond their own existence, don't understand difficult circumstances. Only know what little they've experienced, won't waste my breath because they lack sense. Plague of the earth, a propagand
Earth Crisis - Nemesis
Force-fed delusions from the overseer's hands. Won't swallow a doctrine that denies the truth. Most absorb the sickness, saturated in the vile, immersed. The weak fall quickly to blind conformity, in li
Earth Crisis - One Against All
Instinct, survivalism. One against all, against one. The living now envy those who perished in ruins. The brutal live on in competition. Death's masterpiece nears its completion. Left in the aftermath.
Earth Crisis - Overseers
Masters in microcosms of instantaneous. Program the programmer to program. Produce to pay for necessities and luxuries. Function in every facet in total willing isolation. What will become the differen
Earth Crisis - Provoke
A fraction of a fraction sets the new rules to follow. Bind the hands of those who resist, to gag the mouths of all the rest. Crush the fight out of the those who persist, censor beliefs not allowed to e
Earth Crisis - Situation Degenerates
The situation degenerates. Again alcohol hits the bloodstream. Overwhelmed by the desire to feed the desire. Inebriation numbs the brain. Nothing changes, nothing improves. Empty bottles and empty days.
Earth Crisis - Sunshine Of Your Love
It's getting near dawn, when lights close their tired eyes. I'll soon be with you my love, to give you my dawn surprise. I'll be with you darling soon. I'll be with you when the stars start falling. I
Earth Crisis - The Discipline
Straight edge - the discipline. The key to selfliberation is abstinence from the destructive escapism of intoxication. I separate from the poison - a mindlessness I've always abhored. Usage will only
Earth Crisis - Unseen Holocaust
Demons descended upon the lands. The fire of greed burned within their minds. They destroyed the paradise that filled their eyes. From the east they swarmed to pillage, to populate the righteous under
Earth Crisis - Unvanquished
There's no time to waste, I won't hesitate, too heavy a toll's been paid. Their escape attempts were just another trade realized too late. Evaluated the cost of their lies. Now no more will be lost. All
Earth Crisis - Wrath Of Sanity
Night of justice, knight of justice. Liberations crusades begun. Your laws will have no meaning past the setting of the sun. Demons feeding off of the innocents pain. Generations of opression - one ge


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