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Earshot - Asleep, I Lie
I can't stay forever and you're too insulting to me (darling) I can't live forever and be who they want me to be and... I I cannot pretend I will not surrender these dreams in my head I I will no
Earshot - Get Away
You stay all in one piece when broken Kind remarks, and your words soft-spoken Driving far from the path of destruction Coming ever so close to throwing it all away again Is this all some great big
Earshot - Headstrong
Strapped down and heavy Tied up and bound This weight I carry This weight I've found So be the one to say I've really had enough Downfallen on (Yes, you mean the world to me) My sweet love
Earshot - Misery
Looking through the hole of time I can see the end is coming closer - I can hear it calling (beating away at me) touching every soul in fear comforting from far and near how I wish you all the best
Earshot - My Time
I struggled with this pain inside, but it was too strong you looked so catatonic, ya knew it was wrong destructive, tainted, heated words scraped off your tongue singing wholly sinful song If you feel
Earshot - Not Afraid
Don't leave me alone I'm feeling so numb I need you to be here, I need you to call and everything's wrong a beautiful shame and everything's ugly, hazy, and gray and doesn't it hurt? trick and contr
Earshot - Ordinary Girl
Wait, there is too much on my mind are we here just to simply pass the time? all these questions awake inside my head all these questions awake inside me...[repeat] Now, what I would give what I would
Earshot - This World
I never cared much for this world (I just want to be someone like you) but I never said I wouldn't reach deep down to blow them all away I can feel it but I don't know where my life's supposed to go I
Earshot - Unfortunate
I wanna be sure I wanna make clear I want you to know I love you my dear me, I'm so dirty, covered in spite maybe you'll come back cuz you want me, maybe you won't But you were so young don't you fe
Earshot - Wake Up
Fall to my knees just to be close to God and I fall to the floor from your love I am weakened by your tenderness and touched by your innocence I search just to find that you're enough I'm here, call o
Earshot - We Fall, We Stand
Sometimes I feel like I'm losing it all abused and beat down and thrown to the wall how can they do this to someone at all? something so awful woke up this morning I hoped and I prayed nothing can sto


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