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Eagle Eye Cherry - Are You Still Having Fun
You are on your own You do as you please Having so much fun Gone and lost your reason After all is said and done Are you still having fun? How were you to know when you've gone astray? That happine
Eagle Eye Cherry - Been Here Once Before
Got your back up against the wall Now you know that after all When you make mistakes like that There's no more turning back Now we've gone and we've lost our heads You're better off just playing dead
Eagle Eye Cherry - Burning Up
Would you believe me If I said I'd never lie Though it ain't easy I can tell you I have tried But I got to say That it comes those days That I told something untrue Would you forgive me If I said I
Eagle Eye Cherry - Comatose ( In The Arms Of Slumber)
The doors are closed and the walls are white Someone calls but I don't want to talk tonight Stay away you all want to.......stay away I'm going to be all right......all right CHORUS: Within the arms o
Eagle Eye Cherry - Conversation
CHORUS: Conversation with the child who once believed in you How does one explain to him what it is you do He says Daddy Daddy please tell me it's not true What all the people are saying....saying abou
Eagle Eye Cherry - Crashing Down
I've never see the sky like that I can't believe that it could do that I closed my eyes before the sun could set I slept and waited for my, waited for my… I waited for my dreams to land I waited for
Eagle Eye Cherry - Death Defied
He only thought he was going for the thrill of a ride Wasn't in the play to be gone for long But he keeps looking back over his shoulder He knows that something might go wrong The ride it ain't smooth
Eagle Eye Cherry - Desireless
Eagle Eye Cherry - Falling In Love Again
I'm so tired Of falling in love Finding it easier to fall out Can't deny it I feel it inside Cupid's fire I can't hide CHORUS: I'm falling in love again Ain't nothing I can do Falling in love agai
Eagle Eye Cherry - Feels So Right
Too shy to To follow through But it is true Yes, I do love you You say no But I won’t go 'Cause all I know Is you and I are meant to be You and I are meant to be Too proud to Give in to A
Eagle Eye Cherry - First To Fall
What you doing in the alley What you doing my friend What you doing in the alley Are you lost again Ain't no good going down that road honey Ain't no good at all Getting down on your knees just for t
Eagle Eye Cherry - How Come
I can still see the change In the falling rain How come we can't do the same How come I see the angry scar But the wound is tame How come we can't do the same How come I hear the church bells laugh
Eagle Eye Cherry - Indecision
Well I found my inspiration there In silent whispers it just came to me so clear Simple question of what was I doing there CHORUS: Hesitation When I'm standing with my prey Indecision Of if I should
Eagle Eye Cherry - Lonely Days (Miles Away)
Girl I can't abide By the rules you laid down in this game 'Cause now I've gone and lost myself in you One time you catch a ride And it takes you miles away There's a chance of never feeling blue And
Eagle Eye Cherry - Long Way Around
You say what you say And you pray that one day You'll be seen between the shadows Now that's a waist of your pain Living your life like a saint When it don' It don't even matter Even saints ma
Eagle Eye Cherry - Miss Fortune
She is my Miss Fortune With all the troubles we have had When ever I am around her I do something bad Trouble is her lover Trouble is her friend When ever I am around her I commit a sin Trouble is
Eagle Eye Cherry - One Good Reason
Give me one good reason That I should care Give me one good reason And I'll be there Like a thief you've stolen Like rain on a grave Like a priest who's spoken But failed to save Now the air is emp
Eagle Eye Cherry - Permanent Tears
On the day of her arrival No one is there to meet her Something of a sad one A girl with permanent tears Born without a family Born without a name All she ever wanted Was to wipe her tears away Wip
Eagle Eye Cherry - Promises Made
Promises made they were lost Somewhere beside you Waiting around can leave some Feeling like I do Promises made and we stayed Dreaming of leaving We will find good days for us The sun will shine bri
Eagle Eye Cherry - Save Tonight
go on and close the curtains 'cause all we need is candlelight you and me ... and the bottle of wine and hold you tonight [ ohh ] well we know i'm going away and how i wish - i wish it weren't so so
Eagle Eye Cherry - Shades Of Grey
If you start here late no one will know what you did No the streets are straight it's the soul that's crooked I've been treated fine I've been treated elegantly But I'm not one for bathing in the waters
Eagle Eye Cherry - Shooting Up In Vain
Waking up as the sun goes down Body all in pain Straight out the door to the worst part of town Shooting up in vain Slips all his money to the man Here we go we go again Got bags of mer
Eagle Eye Cherry - Skull Tattoo
Lord you know what makes a lonely man All it takes is to be Racing down where you never be found Oh don't let me fall that low again When you're gone that far Only one thing's going to get you up She
Eagle Eye Cherry - The Food Song
Recipes are just combinations And what are these just mere salutations When they plead for our salvation Are these just the lies that feed our nations As enemies we never learn A shaking hand is neve
Eagle Eye Cherry - The Strange
It's an egg hunt for dates On new roller-skates While grooms and their brides Take horse-drawn rides Unless you've seen it You cannot believe it It's so, so bizarre Boys gone bad With their absente
Eagle Eye Cherry - This Paralysis
Nothing bitchy will ever leave my lips And this tingle in my fingertips Isn't really A heart attack Man on the curb Breathing heavily And the fear now That is eating me Isn't really From a heart a
Eagle Eye Cherry - Twisted Games
He was lost in a kerosene dream Fuelled by the urge inside Always been told not to play with fire Never was one to abide It all started way back when When the neighbor's house burnt down Hypnotized b
Eagle Eye Cherry - Up To You
Downtown is where it all went down Getting up with nothing to do Don't know what street I lived on And I'm not sure I ever knew Well it goes on I've got more to tell Can't promise you that it's all tr
Eagle Eye Cherry - When Mermaids Cry
She was drowned in suicide Faithless lover cast aside This is how she came to be Lorelei of the sea Hopes destroyed, she wanted to find Certain death peace of mind Now you wonder who is she Lorelei
Eagle Eye Cherry - Wishing It Was
Beauty and grace is what touches me most Good times can put me in fear I always feel safe when things are bad So I can not let you come near It seems that I thrive on the dark side of things I always
Eagle Eye Cherry - Worried Eyes
I've tried so hard to remember what it is that I forgot But I can, but I can believe.....will you now I've tried, I've tried I've tried Cried and kissed goodbye To something that we both know Boy you


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