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E rotic - Chiquitita
Chiquitita, tell me what's wrong You're enchained by your own sorrow In your eyes there is no hope for tomorrow How I hate to see you like this There is no way you can deny it I can see that you're, o
E rotic - Do it all night
[1] Oh do it all night Do it with me I'll take you to heaven if you make me feel free Baby do it tonight Do it allright Just take me and shake me till I burn up inside Come on baby Rap: You may
E rotic - Dynamite
Rap 1: We - will - take a ride Make you see I'm dynamite Your mind's exploding and your heart Oh baby it will fall apart No - one will care for us You know it's really dangerous Gonna make you see to
E rotic - En mon coeur
Je t'aime Fais l'amour avec moi Encore une fois Ne me quitte pas Donne moi la vie en rose Je t'aime Cheri je t'adore Fais l'amour avec moi Plais moi Encore une fois Mon coeur je t'aime La vie
E rotic - Falling for a witch
>>add by<< >>hope u enjoy<< >>old music the best<< So, if you're falling for a witch, be careful Cause she will make your heart go wrong Yer, if you're falling for a witch,
E rotic - Final heartbreak
Don't you cry, baby blue Didn't want to be a dream Just a kiss in the dark It will break your heart in two Just a girl, just a night Come on, babe, that's all right And so, my sweet, Don't you cry,
E rotic - Fred come to bed
[1] Ooh Fred come to bed Cos my Max had sex With his sexy ex Oh Fred come to bed Baby I won't let your dreams get wet Well I'm Max I'm Max - baby don't be blue Don't you worry don't be sorry I'll
E rotic - Fritz love my tits
Rap: Fritz Fritz Beat it Fritz And take your fingers off her tits And if she says She loves you too It's a lie oh my - it just ain't true Fritz Fritz Listen Fritz Don't tell me - it's your key that
E rotic - Get away
Rap: Lay your body down We'll go so deep until we drown We'll do everything Cos I'm your yang and you're my yin Read my lips and read my eyes I'll fit to any size If you sleep with me you'll be A sl
E rotic - Gimme gimme gimme
Gimme gimme gimme your love Gimme gimme gimme your heart Gimme gimme gimme your passion baby Let your body take part I won't hold it back on you Come on come on - our dreams (will) come true I want
E rotic - In the dark of the night
I was walking alone on the desperate Sands of twilight island And my dreams of love and understanding Seemed to die in the cold of the night I was in danger of losing my soul - But then your hand touc
E rotic - In the heat of the night
Why did our feelings die in action When we fought for satisfaction But our hearts sent S.O.S. - please save me Why did our love lose all it's magic Missing you is kinda tragic We were heading for the
E rotic - Kiss me
[1] Kiss me - fly me up high Wanna feel like a Frisbee - high in the sky Oh I want you to kiss me - do it all right Cos I know that you miss me I dreamed of you In so many lonely nights With my bod
E rotic - L.o.v.e. (sex on the beach)
Take off your shirt Feel free like a bird Makin' love in the sun is fun I've heard I'm coming from far away Coming to you and that's what I say I'm Ronny - the sunshine man I will love you in the san
E rotic - Missing you
So many nights of loneliness Just dreaming of every sweet caress I miss you And I still long to be with you The ocean of time keeps flowing on Roses of love are dead and gone Without you My heart is
E rotic - Move me baby
Move me baby Move me higher Feel my heart beat on in desire Make my body get in motion till I cry Now you are here - I feel you're near And I know you're so sincere I love you - it's all so clear
E rotic - Oh nick please not so quick
[1] Oh Nick please not so quick You know I want it big I wanna feel like in heaven Just like in heaven Oh Nickie not so quick You know that makes me sick I wanna feel you forever Rap: You are so s
E rotic - Ooh la la la...
Ooh La La La... Ooh La La La... We're dancing much too close Baby please don't tease me I'll give you love tonight If you try to please me I could do most anything When I taste the touch of you C
E rotic - S.o.s.
Where are those happy days? They seem so hard to find. I try to reach for you, But you have closed my mind. Whatever happened to our love? I wish I understood. It used to be so nice, It used to be s
E rotic - Sex on the phone
Baby this is number one And we'll have a lot of fun Baby this is number two And I tell you what to do Baby this is number three Feel my hand right on your knee Baby baby just relax Max will give you
E rotic - Turn me on
[*] Turn me on turn me on Just do it right - you can't go wrong I'm the radio that plays your favourite song You turn me on turn me on You sure know how - so turn me on Baby don't you wait until the n
E rotic - Voulez vous coucher avec moi
VOULEZ-VOUS COUCHER AVEC MOI (WOULD YOU LIKE TO SLEEP WITH ME?) Voulez-vous coucher avec moi Ce soir Voulez-vous coucher avec moi I want you Voulez-vous coucher avec moi Te Quiero Voulez-vous couch
E rotic - Wild and strong
Rap: So close to you when times are getting rough I'm captured by this neverending love It's magic - tragic You arms are holding me so gently an sweet Because you know what I need It's so wild and str
E rotic - Willy use a billy... boy
Oh Willy Willy use a Billy Don't be silly Oh baby, sex is joy But use a Billy Boy Oh Willy use a Billy Skilly Willy A Billy for your thrilly toy Oh use a Billy Boy Rap: So you want sex sex sex W


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