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E 40 - 1Luv
*phone rings* This is the operator. I have a collect call from Hey this yo' potnah main! who is an inmate in a California State prison To deny charges, hang up now To accept charges, press five now
E 40 - Automatic
[Chorus] (Kokane & E-40) Automatic, Systematic Do what you do playa Just keep that money on ya mi-i-ind, (on ya mind) In the traffic, Baller status, (baller status) Do what you do playa, (what you do
E 40 - Back Against The Wall
[E-40] Tryin to make it.. It's been a long road Sic-Wid-It Records [Master P & E-40] UNNNNNNNNNGGGGGHHHHH! (C'mon, ooh) Y'all feel that? (I feel it playboy, I smell you) It's real out here 40 (It's
E 40 - Captain Save A Hoe
Chorus: E-40 and 'Hoes' Ah is a, Ah is a, Should I save her? I want to be saved!!!! (B-Legit) It's 1993 and niggas need to miss me be savin' these hoes You know how these tricks we be buyin' æ…¹
E 40 - Da Bumble
I flipped a Lexi, speed up and catch me Lexus of Concord, reached out and touched me Some of you hoe fake ass niggas like Roz, be messy I know some beautiful black intelligent women, they're sexy E-40'
E 40 - Dirty Deeds
40-H2O, I got a few ends, can we do some kind of business mate? It depends on how much you wanna spend and how much profit I'm gon' make What's the crazy? Sellin half a kezy, right now they go for eigh
E 40 - Do What You Know Good
[E-40] Freak nasty super bad, earring in her tongue Smell good, Prada bag, angel perfume cologne I'm tryin to have me that, lipstick by Mac Make like a car accident, hit her from the back My fetti mig
E 40 - Fed
There is something going on down here... In Vallejo. FedEx! In Vallejo, California --> E-40 In Vallejo. In Vallejo, California --> E-40 Chorus: Suga T He said he's just a, timah name, rang-in Ma
E 40 - From The Ground Up
[E-40] Testin testin It's game orienfested, size six-ex vested K-Cizee.. JoJo... that boy Too Sheezee, Todd Shaw and Earl Stevens, a.k.a. Charlie Hustle Hey Todd, you on? (Am I on?) *K-Ci and JoJo s
E 40 - Gangsterous
Chorus: D-Shot, E-40 We gangsterous, we gangsterous (gangsterous) We gangsterous, we gangsterous (gangsterous) We gangsterous, we gangsterous (gangsterous) We gangsterous, we gangsterous (gangsterous)
E 40 - Ghetto Celebrity
[E-40] Ghetto celebriteeeeeee... ooooh (You ain't heard shit, you ain't did shit 'til you got yo' wig split) From a nobody nigga, to a ghetto celebriteeeeee.. {Nobody.. nobody} From a nobody nigga,
E 40 - Growing Up
I'm a little mannish motherfucker I take after my older brother Started off selling marijuana, but now I'm selling yola.. [E-40] Here take a swig of this bourbon Hit that, hit that baby Aight dude.
E 40 - I Like What You Do To Me
[Steve Scales] Good things come to those who stays on they toes Don't you e-ver stop Al-ways keep it hot [Forty] Potnah this bubonic cuts, that other shit is high [Legit] Fuck what you talkin about,
E 40 - I Wanna Thank You
Base Chorus: Suga T 1: I wanna thank you, pimps and players 2: for sharing your game with me 3: I wanna thank all.. of the hustlers 4: for showing me your life, on the street 5: And I know.. that'll I
E 40 - Intro (Loyalty And Betrayal )
I dont spit mad force, i spit l-i-p's on these young metaphors i=on the block where i get my cheese
E 40 - L I Q
[E-40] Mobb that shit out nigga! Bosko, mobb that shit, BEYOTCH! Mobb shit (mobb shit) We invented this shit (what'd we do?) Boy I helped pioneer this Boy I helped pioneer this.. .. HOE BEOTCH! I'm
E 40 - Like A Jungle
Hand me one of them thangs killed John Wayne D.E.A. back in this bitch, hmm-hmm, va-rooom [E-40] Hah hah hah hah, fuck around with this nigga Bosko He stay mobbin.. Shall we spit some saliva? Spit so
E 40 - Look At Me
[E-40] BEYOTCH! Whas happenin, whas happenin? You got to love this yere nigguh My boys, my Hot Boys Juve and ?? Bout to lace this game nigga Do it the way we do it with E-4-0 Charlie Hustle [B.G.]
E 40 - Mack Minister
I'd like to thank the mack god for all tha playa prophets that he sent I'd like to thank him for Donald Going and Iceberg Slim for dottin their I's and crossin their T's, poppin their P's, and flexi
E 40 - Money Scheme
[Jayo] W-wh-wha, what, wha-what what? [E-40] BEOTCH! Mobster, turn that shit up! [Jayo] Yeah, uh-huh uh-huh UH [E-40] Sinister shit [Jayo] Uh-huh uh-huh WHAT? [E-40] Jayo, Jayo smell me on this one
E 40 - My Drinking Club
Step right up! From the East to the West, from the North to the South Sign up right'ere, your scheduled membership to the drinkin club Uhh... *chorus* They got
E 40 - My Hoodlums And My Thugz
Intro: E-40 I pledge allegiance to the ghetto, uh I pledge allegiance to the game, uh I pledge allegiance to the money and the cars and the pussy and the bitches and the fame, uh *repeat* (BEEYATCH!!
E 40 - Nigga Shit
Straight nigga shit, nigga shit [Mack 10] I get my ride on the HumVee, walkin through the party Puffin on chronic and drinkin on Bacardi Gotta represent Cali and bang 'til death do us Throwin the hate
E 40 - One More Gen
I'm tryin to hear some of that MOBB Make it sound like a gorilla tryin to get up out the trunk (Yeah, well let's get this shit crackin then) Super duper super duper, trunk rattlin (That's what I'm talk
E 40 - Personal
[E-40] I gets a phone call about a neighbor Daylight savings time seven o'clock at night Three-way conversation 40-Water family member, cousin Dude did you receive my card - When did you send it? Yes
E 40 - Pimps, Hustlas
(talking) Yeah, pimps up hoes down, yeah Hustlas, playas, gangstas, gangstas, yeah Fa shiggedel, shiggedy, uh, click shit down What is it, check this out [E-40] Raised in the heart of the ghetto, di
E 40 - Pop Ya Collar
[E-40] Uh-huh; barbecue or mildew, hhhoe? Ssshit heh My fetti has a first name - it's E-A-R-L About my mail, ssshit! Nigga you know I'm up in this motherfucker, on a good one! Fffuck yes!! [B-Legit]
E 40 - Rep Yo City
Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! hah hah! [4X] [Hook: Lil' Jon + (Petey Pablo)] - 2X Rep yo city! Rep yo city! (Rep yo cityyyy!) Rep yo city! Fuck that shit! (Rep yo cityyyy!) Rep yo city! Rep yo city! (Rep yo cityyyy!)
E 40 - Ring It
(Forty Fonzarelli's answering machine) Aight, what's really? You hit my lifer number This Sick Wid It/Jive Records Leave your message at the beep *BEEP* Hah! Mmmhmmm. Yeah, u
E 40 - Seasoned
[E-40] Uh, you in a new school whip custom painted candy apricot butter I'm in an antique oldschool four door muffler draggin' beat up duster Wit scrapes and scratches, nicks and scars Y'all git to dri
E 40 - Sinister Mob
[Nate Dogg] I don't know if you don't, but I know Whenever the wind blows I be chasin all of my cheese Think I'm lyin? Silly ne-gro please My niggaz is out to get rich Better watch out man, cause th
E 40 - The Element Of Surprise
Surprise, surprise, surprise, surprise, surprise.... (Surprise niggas!!!) Biotch!!! Surprise, the element, apply pressure Surprise, the element, apply pressure Surprise nigga!! Surprise, the element,
E 40 - The Story
Chorus: Here's a little story I got to tell And this dis goes on, again and again Uh, Uh Here's a little story I got to tell And this dis goes on, again and again Uh, Uh Here's a little story I got
E 40 - To Da Beat
Ooohhh... (To da beat!) Oooh ooh! (To da beat!) Wake dey ass up, check it BEAOTCH! Ooh! (To da beat!) [every two lines end with 'To da beat!'] She hit me on my locker, I was off that tropicana ora
E 40 - To Whom This May Concern
Shit, if the shoe fit, wear it, fuck it BEOTCH! Chorus: E-40 (repeat 2X) To whom this may concern All you rappers with all that fetti to burn The industry is finicky so let me make this clear THEY'LL
E 40 - Trump Change
Trump change? (Chump change) Nah TRUMP change patnah not chump change Trump change, I'm talkin Donald Trump change I'm talkin Steve Wynn, I'm talkin y'know? E-Feezee Chorus: E-40 TRUMP CHANGE, 32 va
E 40 - Ya Blind
Say playboy, whatchu know about Jazze Pha, big E-Feezy 40 Fonzarelli from the Bay, and big 'Ball? PLEASE BELIEVE IT! [Chorus: Jazze Pha] Niggaz must be blind.. Or that hoe must got yo' mind.. You ni
E 40 - Zoom
Uhh, I come from nothin Come up, I come from nothin to get it crankin right here Right here? Turma-turmoil, torment and turmoil Uh ooh We been in bondage for years For how long? Trapped up in the g


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