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Dag Nasty - (16 Count)
ooooohhh 16 count... lisel... chicken sandwich...batman
Dag Nasty - 12 X U
Saw you in a mag, kissing a man...I've got you in a corner...I've got the bun
Dag Nasty - 13 Seconds Under Water
cray fish creep bridge and sky and my life flashes before my eyes trying to see what I'd never seen otherwise
Dag Nasty - All Ages Show
I understand you you've got a problem now understand me it's your problem not mine to find a reason, don't ask me don't ask (anyone) for a reason to live your life shake your head, left and right li
Dag Nasty - Average Man
He looks back to the days when the lyrics and chords meant everything these days he stares at the screen so complacent and without dreams change, but he can't hide it - that's the story of an average man
Dag Nasty - Bottle This
So tired of trying to keep up with someone else's pace you got a new tattoo, but the same old face complacency is the enemy and I've been acting old there's got to be more to life than doing what we're
Dag Nasty - Broken Days
Now you really should be above all this but in fact I can't avoid your Judas kiss and I keep turning the other cheek for you to slap me down it hurts when the knife's in deep, but I won't make a sound
Dag Nasty - Can I Say
what can I say ? why should I try ? I tried to love what I knew I hated I took a lie and I made a truth I defended what I should have denied I never gave a second thought I followed blindly part of
Dag Nasty - Dear Mrs Touma
dear Mrs. touma I walked upstairs into the kitchen saw a piece of birthday cake and I heard my mother crying dressed in his black raincoat , black hat lying on the yellow line...he was run down... your
Dag Nasty - Field Day
here on the beach I've got the sun , I've got the surf, I've got Mexican food here on the beach I stay indoors all day I don't get my feet wet , I've got nothing to do I can't believe I was excited I
Dag Nasty - Ghosts
Ghosts swirling all around you now I don't know what to do and I don't know how to feel inside I wish I could get off this ride everything I do, everywhere I go I see a memory of what we used to know
Dag Nasty - Going Down
we're going down looking around this place man I've got to get out of here all those people here are crazy (gonna drive me nuts) looking at their race I never wanted to be in where's the door , just
Dag Nasty - Incinerate
incinerate the pictures we once had I guess it's over with you obliterate every morning since we met and every nighttime too explosive is how I feel when I hear your name in my head now won't you g
Dag Nasty - Justification
we have tried and failed we have stumbled and fallen we have tried a new taste and spit it back out we have taken a left turn when we meant to turn right we lost sight of our origins but our past neve
Dag Nasty - La Penita
sitting here like forty ounces waiting to be drunk I always seem to want what I don't want it's more than I can handle still I want another shot even without it , five minutes from now I'll find I ca
Dag Nasty - Lie Down Time
I just got hit by a ton of bricks But I won’t lie down While I’m alive I’m gonna get my kicks I won’t lie down I’m old and dirty from the wrong side of town I wonâ
Dag Nasty - Minority Of One
Look back on what they told you and see what truth can't hide the government controls you and brother that's not just a line but don't trust them to tell you what is right no one can tell you how to li
Dag Nasty - Never Go Back
sometimes it gets so cloudy it's hard to see everything gets distorted it's all a dream all these smiling faces have lost their shine I guess I'm getting older I just don't relate never go back I
Dag Nasty - Roger
who you gonna call ? roger
Dag Nasty - S F S
(Sound For Sound) sfs it's only a song took five minutes and it's not that long and it means more to us than it will to them just another stupid fast song again sfs - sound for sound sfs it's more
Dag Nasty - Staring At The Rude Boys
it's a very small world in the middle of a crowd the room gets dark when the music gets loud the rudies want to groove but there's no room to move 'cause the floor is packed tight a voice shouts loud
Dag Nasty - Still Waiting
these are the toughest days the time is slow and the skies are gray well this is the hardest time to tell yourself to take your time and it seems like a hundred years since I thought it would all work
Dag Nasty - Thin Line
there's a thin line between love and hate I'm standing in a no-man's land and I'm afraid to try and reach the other side how could you give back what you took and tried to hide? I should have never t
Dag Nasty - Throwing Darts
So sorry you think I'm not the best I didn't know I had to pass your fucking test you're throwing darts but what a price I'm paying for all the stupid thing you're saying you write in cheap shots every
Dag Nasty - Turn It Around
you can't believe it look at the mess you're in and like a bottle of India ink that spilled you can't clean it up just leave it alone it's time to turn it down you've got to turn it around your worl
Dag Nasty - Typical
now that it's gone just admit it to yourself it was nothing special no more special than yourself now that it's gone won't you admit it to yourself ? another typical youth you mistook for someone els


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