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Daemonarch - Call From The Grave
[Bathory cover] God of Heaven, hear my cries Of anguish, I'm in pain I'm suffering a thousand deaths But I live on in vain Death would greet with eternal sleep My soul would come to peace My life ha
Daemonarch - Corpus Hermeticum
My heart will become our shelter Now that you turn my hands To the livings worlds And my fears grovel with the dark As the seal, I'm in disguise Saniyaza I wear the bowel and there's my face I look
Daemonarch - Hymn To Lucifer
I've had no spring, no axle, and no end His body, above the light radiance When novel passion Sun souled Lucifer Swept down the dark colossal swift aslant And there's no end to deal with our curse And
Daemonarch - Incubus
Incubus I wanna see your thousand wings Open, closing, behind you Open them all at once for me Be prepared for what you see I will die before I will live untouched Listen to my thousand tongues Amp
Daemonarch - Lex Talionis
Rising above the searching of love visions I felt this darkness resist Nailing a thousand nazarenes Screaming through your thousand faces Robed in black For this ritual madness The demons of the hear
Daemonarch - Nine Angles
Search the infinite Begin at the end On the first lies the infinite Of the first springs to eternity I'm the second one to tells his glory A world of power raises in all his glory Dessicate the messe
Daemonarch - Of A Thousand Young
I am with you and I die I will leave you and I will fight Wrapped around a perfect ??? The entity that you feast and worship The entity you cannot feel in disguise Lost cries in your ??? ??? Take my
Daemonarch - Samyaza
Saniyaza, touch me The powers watch upon And I will invent for you a victim Never concealed before Sanyaza, your children grow Will you ever be involved? I draw your number in my heart To acclaim my
Daemonarch - The Seventh Daemonarch
Burn! Arisen by a silver sword That lost its battle shine As I walk into the gate I left that world behind My Father awakes me with his calls Rotten, vile, human pride Knowing better than I With my


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