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Da Band - Cheers to me mr. bentley
*featuring Madd Rapper
Da Band - Chopped up
[Intro (Chopper Talking)] What's happenin' this ya boy Chopper City, ya heard me New Orleans
Da Band - Do you know
*featuring Wyclef Jean
Da Band - Go steady
[Sara] When I'm with you, you make me feel so sexy, ooh Made up my mind, I agree that we are ready (I'm so ready) On a steady pace for love Ready'and I'm ready'for love So do you boy'do you want a tas
Da Band - Hold me down
[Babs] Yall niggas done met ya match Im somthin like a pimp you bust i bust back I bang dudes yeah they callin me wife beat My stomach stay flat babys mothas dont like me Chicks conceded then i give e
Da Band - How u like me now
[Sara] Oo ma how you like me now Now that you know that im blingin Oo you coulda took me there Now you sittin reminescin about my time you wasted You seen me spending faces Coulda done something But
Da Band - I like your style
[Diddy] This That Sexy Right Here Da Band Baby Bad Boy To Hot For T.V. Yea
Da Band - Living legends
[Dylan] Yo, Blaze the fire and watch the enemies crumble
Da Band - My life
[Sara in background saying welcome]
Da Band - Stick up
[Fredrick (Ness)] Ya'll motha fuckas freeze! Take a seat on tha flo I'm approachin the bank teller the bitch locked up the drawer Gimme the code to the savings put ya hands in the sky Ya keep shakin
Da Band - They know
*featuring Chopper
Da Band - What we gonna do
[Sarah] What we gonna do tonight, What we gettin into tonight What we gonna do tonight What we gettin into tonight
Da Band - Whatchu be doin (interlude)
[Helicopter wings spinning]
Da Band - Why
[Dylan talking] Open the book And I saw an angel come down from heaven Having the key of the bottomless pit And a great chain in his hand I laid whole on the dragon, That old serpent Which is the Dev


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