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D Side - Anybody else but you
Well I did it again we're not talking and then You keep throwing things and starting a fight It's been hell of a day and it doesn't look much better tonight, oh No Cause I'll be sleeping alone, I'l
D Side - Back in his arms (where she belongs)
My town is on the news Some guy is spreading the blues Can't get this girl out of his head And all the things he should've said He walks along the shore With every wave he wants her more He's t
D Side - Crazy world of love
We talk every day We don't say what's going through our minds It's just a way of passing time I wanna believe I'm all you need But the truth is in your eyes I need to know what's inside You'r
D Side - Dear you
Dear darling Just writing to say Been together so long now That I can't do this face to face Thoughts of you Are weighing on my mind I know it's going to hurt you so bad But now I gotta say goodb
D Side - Everything about you
It's everything about you Girl this is why I like you like I do It's everything about you Your face, got them lips I wanna taste Got them light, brown eyes And that smile Girl you got yourself
D Side - Favourite
Goodbyes are so sad, so blue Girl my life won't be the same without you No one else could love you, in the way I do It anybody hurts you I'll break in two I tell you
D Side - Invisible
What ya doin' tonight I wish I could be A fly on your wall Are u really alone Whose stealin' your dreams Why can't I breathe You in to my life So tell me What would it take To make you see tha
D Side - My best chance
You don't know, what it's like Day after day, night after lonely night Thinking about all the good times we never had I saw you poster on the walll It didn't look like u at all You always said t
D Side - Speechless
Speechless Oooh yeah yeah, oh yeah yeah Tragic, completely When the one you love keeps runnin games with your heart I feel the static, inside me Should I stay, should I go, I don't know where to s
D Side - Where do you run
Standing at the station Waiting for the train I still can't believe today You're leaving me again One man does the cross word And tries to pass the time I would do the same thing If I had m


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