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D A D - 10 Knots
My kitchen floor started cracking And out jumped a man Big, red and horny I was shaking the devils hand You've got a hell of a reputation Thats the name of my game Been digging all night 'Cau
D A D - A Hand Without Strength
An empty plate for love & hate, so hungry like they never ate And if you fight, noone fights back - 200 killings Now I know that death is wearing black A hand that holds me without strength - a hand tha
D A D - A Horse With No Name
(Dewey Bunnel) On the first part of the journey I was looking at all the life There were plants and birds and rocks and things There were sand and hills and rain The first thing I met was a fly w
D A D - A Kiss Between The Legs
Like a trip in luxury A little ship with you and me We won the lottery We sail on silver into the sunset And we'll live to be a hundred A kiss between the legs - I wonder how Just a kiss - A kiss mak
D A D - Bad Craziness
Straight out of frame'n'bend out of shape Nothing's real x-cept the money that we made Staring at the place where the 2 walls meet Yeah! - Take a chair'n'have a seat... Well, I should see it as a brand
D A D - Call Of The Wild
The night they took him to the graveyard It was moonlight; call of the wild They forced him to bury his father Oh boy, he was only a child He grew older, meaner and vicious And the glance of his eyes
D A D - Cloudy Hours
For tomorrows unpaid fears - now I'm seeing future years It's not death - it's hell I fear - Yeah, but still I come and go What I pay to see the show - Yeah, right now it's all I know 'Coz in all those
D A D - Hate To Say I Told You So
I need to be afraid, said the kindweak man As he lay cuddled up in his bed with those whispers around his head Yeah, he'd come to nothing in a way - in a way that left him With nothing to say but: o.k.!
D A D - Human Kind
When I close my eyes Strange things begin It's hard to follow It's hard to win With a stretch of purple Like I'm in a daze A weakened signal On it's way.. I see familiar clouds go by I'm
D A D - Ill Will
What we need isn't systems Or some regulating plans But bigger guns to shoot with And a bigger type of man Ill Will For good or ill my iron will Is unrivalled still Evil ill thrill This is the curse
D A D - Naked (but Still Stripping)
My tongue's tied and sliced in two And wagging at both ends... Yeah, I've learned to talk - Both sides of my mouth makes sense You'll see the skin of my teeth But you won't see a smile So here it is,
D A D - Nineteenhundredandyesterday
I let a lie come true I even cared enough to lie Recieve what I transmit And slowly close your eyes Yeah, to unlock your locked up love And set it free You need a complicated key You need a key as b
D A D - Now Or Forever
Rich & free, and a life beyond worries Time like words can be wasted too much Tried to cut his own wrist with an electric razor It's a disease no doctor will touch Maybe it's now or forever, now or for
D A D - Point Of View
Yeah, you like a man when his mind is strong When his ego's so high he couldn't be wrong And you like a man when he's right at the top When his ego is growing and it don't seem to stop See I'd like to
D A D - Ride My Train
Hey, get out of that tincan you call a car 'Coz that old thing wont get you far Don't take a bus and don't grab a cab 'Coz I got a thing that'll drive you mad Come on ride my train Come on ride m
D A D - Rim Of Hell
I'll start your day with a shock See one of these days 'bout 12 o'clock The world will turn into a little rock And it's going to fall down with the sound of a knock See I'm one of these guys who's nice
D A D - Simpatico
That's where you go, yeah. It's the home of the uprooted It's here and there Hey, I got both feet planted solid in the air Hard to know, yeah, if you're dead or you're just too slow But I should have kn
D A D - Sunstar
It's far too big For my feet to step by The heart of standing is: -I cannot fly! I'm so involved I can't give it up.. I don't feel like winning, Though I'm on top See where it takes you And where
D A D - Trucker
I grew up under a stetson in Omaha... But my mama she told me I wouldn't go far Now I'm out on the highway Every night & day Just driving the cattle From N.Y. to L.A. Me & my 18 wheeler Acr
D A D - Up Up Over The Mountain Top
Well, me, my wife and our daugther We found ourselves standing in New York It was just a mile? of? land? and it was hard to understand But we bought it from the indian on the run Yeah, there we wer


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