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Celesty - Battle Of Oblivion
[Delinom] Why are you here? You should be leading Elger my brother dear Don't you remember me? I'm the one who raised that riot, caused fear [Amardon] Memories in my head Now I remember what you did
Celesty - Charge
[Delinom] Now, that darkness has arrived And the moon is only light I'm crossing this line To the land, which soon is, mine And I'm fighting for my pride With this sword by my side Cryon's warriors
Celesty - Intro
Celesty - Kingdom
[Amardon] I can hear the silence calling Curtains of darkness fallen Together we will stand, side by side [Shemin] I can hear how the wind blows And how the sun glows It's safe to walk to home, once
Celesty - Lost In Deliverance
[Shemin] I feel the pain in my heart I must ride I escaped but I won't lose my pride My horse shall lead my way to Andoria town From there I can contact great Gods Spirits shall give me the power and
Celesty - Reign Of Elements
[Delinom] Gods gather in Dale It's time to make the final move Now I must not fail If I fail my destiny's doomed Now I see the circle of stones One more step, and it is done [Breton] God of the ear
Celesty - Revenge
[Emperor Maegon] When I'm sitting and writing in my book I sense the shadow behind me, (can't look) I take my knife and I turn around [Delinom] I will rip out the heart from your chest I will cut you
Celesty - The Sword And The Shield
[Shermin] Great Spirits hear me We are hopeless can't you see There must be one key You have to set us free [Amardon] Now I see a bright light in the sky Great Spirits, they fly [Shemin contacts th


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