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Catch 22 - 12341234
you you try you try to get by you're never going to pull it off you shouldn't even try you're a wet ciagarette you're always second best but they're never going to give a shit about anybody but the
Catch 22 - 9mm And A Three Piece Suit
Well I know I shouldn't care but I do and I don't and I always crack a smile when I see your punk rock clothes and you try try but you never fit in and you're never going to pack it up pack it in, so
Catch 22 - Alone In A Crowd
Cemetery break the stone Mom was right, shoulda stayed at home Seems like all the good old days are gone Back and forth and side to side A lonely boy, a mans disguise Another silhouette against the sky Ove
Catch 22 - American Pie
Bye bye Miss American Pie. I drove my Chevy to the levy but the levy was dry. The good old boys were drinking whiskey and rye. Singing this will be the day that I die. This will be the day that I die.
Catch 22 - As The Footsteps Die Out Forever
She was diagnosed on a Friday the kids were almost home the kids were on their way back home from school lying face down in the gutter of unaccomplished dreams and broken memories of things to come
Catch 22 - Beguile The Time
If I could stay mad enough maybe I'd leave but you have to understand this runs twenty-two years deep. Everyone wants it all. Everyone needs a place. You can destroy or you can create. All I know is all th
Catch 22 - Chasing The Moon
sad is the man who drinks with himself to fog up the day that precedes from sad then to happy from happy to bitter that bitter old man is me hey (hey), drink it all away i said hey (hey), drink it al
Catch 22 - Chin Up
Close your eyes real tight Underneath the city lights, And you can't hear the noise below your room. Take a real deep breath And get those feelings of your chest— Work it out, and wake up in each ot
Catch 22 - Dear Sergio
Run run run all you do is fucking run but you'll never run away from yourself I know it's hard but you've been there before and you know you're going to be there again I don't care what the stars may
Catch 22 - Dreams Of Venus
Broken homes as far as the eye can see. Bird's eye view: An ocean surrounded by cubicles and fast food restaurants with nothing but standard utility vehicles and smog in-between. No one knows who is in con
Catch 22 - Dripping Faucet
That dripping faucet is killing me but i can't move. Im still asleep and thinking of those dreamy hollow nights. Who were they to say what was wrong or right? We knew we had something then. What its like t
Catch 22 - Good Times
Mostly I'm an optamist, bore my bad news and still persist goin on about my problems say, what's wrong with our world today? It may sound funny, but I give you all my money, and keep on going without
Catch 22 - Guilty Pleasures
It could've been different if I sang the song so long ago, and now I'm feeling like I'm stuck in slow motion again. But all I've got is time. Running around in circles, just to find that peace of mind. And
Catch 22 - Hard To Impress
You say that you don't know me and you couldn't if you tried and your ignorance amazes me with every single lie. You say one thing and mean it then but then you can't decide. I would like to know. What did
Catch 22 - It Takes Some Time
It takes some time you look at me you don't like what you see i don't like who i am i can change, i can change it takes some time in your factory if there's a recipe just tell me what to do and i'll slowly
Catch 22 - Keasbey Nights
It was the summer of 95 (so what?) in the backyard shaving the old plies feeling so strong something went wrong straight into my finger what a stinger it was so long I still remember that day like
Catch 22 - Leaving
I'm leaving here today. I'm gonna go real far away from here. I'm gonna find a girl like the one I met in high school. But she's not gonna get away this time. I'm gonna keep her by my side. Not gonna lose
Catch 22 - Neverending Story
Neverending story but the lesson went untold. She knew it all along if she just could take control of the situation. Investigation. Try to tell the story even though she couldn't take it. Was it suicide? W
Catch 22 - No Love For The Roadie
Hmmm C22 These punk motherfuckers now a hip hop crew? Naw, we just having some fun. A little somethin' we wanna get done. Anyone say a word, better shut your mouth biotch. We'll kick your punk ass to
Catch 22 - Point The Blame
Point the blame picture frame Playing by the rules that's why you're losing the game. I think I heard it through the walls in the bathroom stalls, or maybe in my yesteryears hanging out in the halls. We've
Catch 22 - Rocky
please go away. won't you leave me alone? i'm just so drunk and miserable. you started with me, you started with me. [2x] what's it gonna be? what are ya gonna say to set it all off? it doesn't ta
Catch 22 - Sick And Sad
GO! sick and sad again sometimes i'd like the rain to end sick and sad again sometimes i'd like to stand on my own two feet Went to the corner of second and main and there was someone there who me
Catch 22 - Sincerely Yours
10:00 I was gonna write a letter but at 1:00 is when I opened up my eyes. 3:00 turned into 5:00. I watched the day pass me by. 6:00 I was changing through the channels. And at 8:00 the stationary called my
Catch 22 - So Cold
Come on in and take a load off. Pour yourself up a drink and we can talk. Has it really been that long? How did we get so old? What's the problam man? You seem a little cold. Let's take a walk. I dont care
Catch 22 - Straight Forward
Artist : Catch 22 Song : Straight Forward Album : Washed Up and Trough the Ringer No right turn No left turn No return It's my turn now No right turn No wrong turn Now you've turn back and I
Catch 22 - Thinking About Things [live]
I laid down and think at Night thinking about how tight your ass looks in the moonlight your balls look like ripe melons [ 3x fade ] chorus: thinkin about things makes me think about things that i
Catch 22 - This One Goes Out To
Staring out the window of somebody's pickup truck well I nevermind the boredom cause I use it for a crutch just to get me to that plane it's a different state of sane and everytime I try to change I
Catch 22 - Walking Away
Well hello how are you won't you pull up a chair? won't you tell me your story because I really do care about talking, talking, talking away here's to me to you to us to everything I hope it never
Catch 22 - What Goes Around Comes Around
Pick you up in the suburbs tomorrow. We won't tell, they won't follow. Pack your bags, and put all your trust in me. Never had a gun to his head, that's what he said, that's why I shot him dead, with the v
Catch 22 - Wine Stained Lips
You said you'd always be there for me, you said you'd always be in my life. But now, oh now your chasing dragons instead. You told me I was chasing the moon, I should have listened up but I'm a fool,


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