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Cage - Asta La Vista
[Music: Dave Garcia] [Lyrics: Sean Peck] You try and invade my life, You think you're my fucking wife My back is holding your knife, I have a few things to say Yours ain't the only way, Your bitchin
Cage - Astrology
[Music: Dave Garcia] [Lyrics: Sean Peck] Since the dawn of time man has looked to the stars for the answers, Future and fate are foretold from the signs of the Sun and Moon, Skeptics scoff But only th
Cage - Broken Dreams
[Music: Eric Horton] [Lyrics: Sean Peck] They come seeking adventure they come from miles around Practicing discretion they hardly make a sound You've really got to go there and see it for yourself Fo
Cage - Buried In The Box
[Music: Sean Peck / Dave Garcia / Machado] [Lyrics: Sean Peck] Well you know one time it was tenn till two We were drinking wine we were smoking too We had three young girls they had not one care Well
Cage - Dancing Around The Fire
[Music: Eric Horton] [Lyrics: Sean Peck] The change of an age we're turning the page We're racing towards a turbulent time Intensity grows as conflict explodes But they've got something in mind The e
Cage - Devil Inside
[Music: Eric Horton] [Lyrics: Sean Peck] You say you'd see me on my way I look at you I guess I should have known I'm watching for you my friend If I see you once again I'll scream A tragedy you've c
Cage - Disaster
[Music: Eric Horton] [Lyrics: Sean Peck] I ran out the door you screamed Don't leave me!, Don't leave me! I simply haven't got the time there's no more time The world is caving in soon we'll be greivin
Cage - Echelon
[Music: Eric Horton / Dave Garcia] [Lyrics: Sean Peck] Someone's listening to everything we say. Nothing gets by them Our hands are bound, they take the sounds and powerplay We can't untie them A web
Cage - Final Solution
[Music: Dave Garcia] [Lyrics: Sean Peck] Here we are asking again where is GOD ? It's breaking us down we're feeling so lost In solitude why don't you explore a way that is new that shakes you to the c
Cage - Fountain Of Youth
[Music: CAGE] [Lyrics: Sean Peck] The clock is ticking for the sickly as they waste away One day we're here the next we're gone Our one desire to go higher past the golden age Now that new day has fin
Cage - I Live
[Music: Sean Peck / Dave Garcia] [Lyrics: Sean Peck] You know right from the start They rip society apart With fear they spread their lies When will you people realize Reducing our rights they're tax
Cage - Influence
[Music: Dave Garcia] [Lyrics: Sean Peck] I come to you in many ways I'll make sure my impression stays See me I am the latest craze You know my name is violence, On you I have much influence You hav
Cage - Modern Darkness
[Music: Dave Garcia] [Lyrics: Sean Peck] Just why does it rise up once again Just what message does it send You see malevolance is real The two sides of all you feel Are you the evil are you bad See
Cage - Psychotically Deranged
[Music: Dave Garcia] [Lyrics: Sean Peck] When you feel scared or problems arise you need someone to hypnotize he will look in your mind Instant induction a visual spash merging of emotions done so fast
Cage - Root Of All Evil
[Music: Eric Horton / Dave Garcia] [Lyrics: Sean Peck] Something's going wrong It formulated in Babylon Today we lie trapped on a cross of gold How far will we fall The color red engulfs us all We'r
Cage - Souls And Flesh
[Music: Dave Garcia] [Lyrics: Sean Peck] Follow me to the garden Follow me and change your life If you've cold and lonely lives that drag along All the faces that you've known and the places that you'
Cage - Sudden Death
[Music: Dave Garcia] [Lyrics: Sean Peck] Well right now you found out what life's about Your friends they might die and you will know why Right now the time is arising for you to go into hiding Beware
Cage - The Astrologicon
[Music: Eric Horton / Dave Garcia] [Lyrics: Sean Peck] Hidden from evil the book and its secrets remain Holding the key to the future and just whant our God's preordained Protected by priests made of i
Cage - The Edge
[Music: Eric Horton / Sean Peck] [Lyrics: Sean Peck] I have come to show the truth the power and the way If the tenth dimension far beyond all the things we can see Lies a place of power and it holds
Cage - The Iron Priest
[Music & Lyrics: Sean Peck / Eric Horton / Barber]
Cage - Unveiled
[Music: Eric Horton] [Lyrics: Sean Peck] In the Earth's first days they came with high technology Mutagenic lives would thrive they germinated seeds They came unto this world with two infants to breed


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