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Cadillac Blindside - A Touch Of Nostalgia
six years and counting, maybe i'm just talking. you talked of moving out of state. you just got back, but you it's too long. i tried to talk you into making the stay. just the thought of that, maybe never
Cadillac Blindside - Always A Comedian
is this what you think of me, so hollow? seems to take the place, of things left behind. is this what becomes of us, never to be defined. thoughts still left unsaid, and you believe we can go. on and on in
Cadillac Blindside - And Then We Dance
i've tried to figure this one out but only would draw a blank. i think i always have been like this, wish i had someone to thank. this makes no sense to me. so many times these things won't come out right.
Cadillac Blindside - Angel Superior
it's forever now. no turning back point for us. from now on you're all i need by my side. a brief fairy-tale, storybook-like ending. the stars have never shined like tonight. so i say: take my hand. hold o
Cadillac Blindside - At Wits End
your photogenic face, must have missed the train. i'd advise checking the baggage claim. those new eyes disturb me, they lost that youthful glow hearing spoken evils from your throat. days used to be so in
Cadillac Blindside - Cheap Entertainment
you say it's cheap entertainment honey. buried me alive, just to dig me up at night. oh, but i say it's poor death perception maybe. breaths all you can save. dreamt i was drinking on your grave, breathe d
Cadillac Blindside - Did You Get All That
what am i to do? numb to pain the feelings gone shut out myself to everything i knew. the old me wouldn't feel this way, i guess it's true, everything comes back to you someday. can't let myself be that wa
Cadillac Blindside - Empty Bottle Evening
run for your life, you'll never get out in time. why couldn't you stay in line, lived your life just like mine. take some advise, i've heard this a couple times. they're trying to relive their lives, don't
Cadillac Blindside - Fashion Before Function
what if i died, would you think less of me? could you go on? hey it's ok you were no friend of mine. yeah drink another one. tip it back, choke it down. your eyes roll back, you hit the ground. you just lu
Cadillac Blindside - Knee Deep In Pills
falling from outer space. broke out the glass to save myself from your face. faster and faster still. then my body disintegrates. feels like i'm knee deep in pills. just ask me why, because it's not for th
Cadillac Blindside - Milemarker 92
sitting back waiting for a tow on 65 the summer heat is killing me. be back on the road eventually. in chattanooga, tennessee we drank until about nine our top speed 45 was slow the van's next victim was s
Cadillac Blindside - My Heart Pisses Blood For You
gather around and place your bets whether it will happen to you. i've seen it happen too many times cause people won't lend out their hands. we try to deny that it happens to friends cause what you don't s
Cadillac Blindside - Nothing Like The Real Thing
do you think i really care about how you see me? as soon as i turn around be careful what you say. when you leave it's the same, no one's your friend. try and understand it's nothing personal, just how it
Cadillac Blindside - Plug Pullers Anonymous
congratulations on your skin, the new look, sin, is in. all blackened up to try and hide, how you tick on the inside. life in a coma, it must not be too hard, but i would never call that living. you'd bett
Cadillac Blindside - Sleep Between The Lines
congratulations on your skin, the new look, sin, is in. all blackened up to try and hide, how you tick on the inside. life in a coma, it must not be too hard, but i would never call that living. you'd bett
Cadillac Blindside - Straightjacket Weather
i thought you would be, insane at twenty-three. now, i'm that weirdo screaming on the train. you're setting fires inside my head. i'd like to believe you. it's not arson, maybe just a warm goodbye for me.
Cadillac Blindside - Three Week Wine Bender
a cold and snowy night, headed for a southbound flight. fine time to break out of minneapolis. for good this time? can't make up mind. all i know is that i need a new start. can't go back in time. it's too
Cadillac Blindside - Wielders Of The Poison Pen
back for more again? well now, where should we begin? but you didn't here this from me, keep it under lock and key. it's more than a magic trick, it's an illusion. not on your eyes, but your morality. you


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