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Cadaver - Blurred Visions
You're gasping for breath Your heart stops to beat You'd enter your death And your soul would release Your death'll have to wait I choose your fate You'll find no rest When your body lies in the che
Cadaver - Bypassed
Nothing inside Nowhere to hide They acted blind Leaving you behind No hands to hold No fairy-tales told No safety belts No one to help No space for you in this dreadful world A distance away from
Cadaver - During The End
A suction through the ground Is pulling him down The unbearable heat Melts his feet The traps has gnawed through These minutes are untrue Death is so near Can it end this fear Limbs are dying out
Cadaver - In Distortion
In pains, and sorrow Stay life the same, tomorrow? Depression, grows deep I'm buried, beneath I am the world in one Anger, suffer pain and sorrow Expecting to reach a life beyond Waiting paradise to
Cadaver - Inner Persecution
Heavy breath Not far from death Drowned in dreams Nightmares teems You will suffocate Schizophrenia is your fate Pursued until you die Constant terrified No more hope to find In your deranged mind
Cadaver - InsThroughMental
Slowly drifting through the tunnel of light Away from reality and from all it's spite From the dreadful day to a safe night Emotion drain Through the veins Feel no pain Floating in the sky free as a
Cadaver - Into The Outside
A virus brought decay to your chromosomes Disturbed the DNA you lost your self-control Material energy has brought you this blur Psychotherapy your last chance to be cured The mental atmosphere beyond
Cadaver - Mr Tumours Misery
He watched himself as a living dead Trapped inside a prison of dread Nothing arrives, nothing disappears Drowned in lunacy, misery and fear In a vacuum of wasted time Chained to his fate life, is his
Cadaver - Runaway Brain
Senses takes off from the world outside Exposed enough, it's to hide A life that was confined in a liar All alone nothing to share Crisis will no longer exist In your mind that's full of mist Relief


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