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C Murder - A 2nd Chance
[C-Murder] How many of my TRU niggas actually get a second chance at life, at their dreams? not many, huh Started off as a street thug, just hangin' and thuggin' '89 went to jail for druggin' and mugg
C Murder - AKickDoe!
[Master P] Yo C-Murder Nigga you woke? Keep your eyes on the rollers nigga. Pass the weed (ok) We gon' head up interstate 10 We gon' pick up Pimp C, and Bun B (that's my niggas there) We gon' get ro
C Murder - Closin Down Shop
Intro (Talking) C-Murder: Say Magic, Slim bro, nigga we gotta go ahead and close that little quarter shop we got on Broad, fuck them niggas watchin us bro we gotta lay low nigga fuck Hook Soulja SL
C Murder - Cluckers
Cluckers x24 [C-Murder] Throw me a shotgun nigga, lets get high tonight Oh god please, dont let a nigga die tonight I'm serving cluckers on the set, like 24-7 If I get killed, I know I'm not going to
C Murder - Commercial
[C-Murder & Leanerd Dawg talking] Say lil' Learnerd Dawg (What's happenin'?) Nigga you heard of QB? (Yah, why wassup?) Well, yu know that nigga down with the click now you dig it (Okay) So ah, I'ma pla
C Murder - Constantly In Danger
[C-Murder] Constantly in danger, shit, trouble always seems to find me. Constantly in danger, I can't stay away from this shit Constantly in danger, to crime I aint no stranger Test me, damn sure I'm g
C Murder - Feel My Pain
( Chorus ) Only thug niggas feel my pain I'ma ride for my homies because I'm true to the game Ain't no love cause my blood ain't the same as yours it's got me knocking on heaven's door Feel My Pain (x
C Murder - Forever TRU
[Taken from Martin Luther King Jr's speech] Though we come to cash this check A check will give us a fund demands a riches of freedom and the security of justice Chorus [C-Murder] Forever TRU, 'til I
C Murder - Freedom
Chorus (Porsha & Anita) I want my freedom, full freedom, full freedom, mmm, hmmm x2 Verse 1 As I look in the mirror I see the picture gettin clearer On the rip of this straightest of the life that I li
C Murder - Get N Paid
Alot of people don't realize how us young black businessmen down here in No Limit doing it But they do understand we making alot of money [C-Murder] I got it made plus I get paid and paid You wan
C Murder - How A Thug Like It
Artist: C-Murder f/ Da Brat, Jermaine Dupri Album: Trapped in Crime Song: How a Thug Like It [C-Murder & Jermaine Dupri talking] C: JD turn it up, ya heard me JD: Yea C: C-Murder JD: Uh huh, Oh,
C Murder - Making Moves
Hey C-Murder who you hang with? Say little Kevin boy you know I only make moves with thugs nigga nigga nigga what make moves with thugs, nigga nigga what I make moves with thugs, ghetto niggas feel me
C Murder - Nasty Chick
(C-Murder) Listen up motherfuckers I got a story to tell All you niggas out there holding hands with these motherfuckers street Them motherfuckers behind doors holding meat You might be holding a nasty
C Murder - Picture Me
Intro Motherfuckers,you see a TRU nigga walk on the streets you step on the side and respect that man TRU niggas never die we recreate to survive Picture me a TRU nigga (real niggas don't die.Cause TR
C Murder - Ride On Dem Bustas
(Helicopter propeller) (Whisper getting louder) Real nigga Real nigga Real nigga Real nigga (C-Murder in background) From the motherfucking (?) On to the motherfucking Beats By The motherfucking Po
C Murder - The Truest Shit
Chorus This be the truest shit I ever said A nigga might wind up dead with money comes bad times these days you got to have a strong mind I grew up as a motherfucken thug An outkast couldn't do shit
C Murder - Too Much Noise
[Chorus] Too much noise in my ears to think and not enough liquor in my bottle to drink I'm goin' in the pussy and I hope I don't stank I'm suffocatin in you baby, I'm startin to sank [Krazy] I need
C Murder - Young Ghetto Boy
[New-9 talking] The system got niggas missin', they ain't never comin' home I can't live like this I gotta get from back here I can't get a good lawyer I can't eat right, it's R.I.P. either way Rest In
C Murder - Young Thugs
(talking)(popeye) Don't real niggas die, in god we return, but respect the real though, feel that Chorus: Young Thugs You better watch your back before you get yourself mugged 'Cause niggas 'roun


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