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Billy Ray Cyrus - Achy Breaky Heart
(Don Von Tress) You can tell the world you never was my girl You can burn my clothes when I'm gone Or you can tell your friends just what a fool I've been And laugh and joke about me on the phone You
Billy Ray Cyrus - Burn Down The Trailer Park
I borrowed some money, I sold my car I put an air stream trailer, up on blocks That satellite dish was my first mistake She started watching Oprah Winphre and Ricky Lake She cut me down to once a week
Billy Ray Cyrus - Busy Man
(Bob Regan/George Teren) There's a little boy out in the driveway His basketball in hand Saying Daddy could we play a little one on one You pat him on the back and say not now son I'm a busy man His
Billy Ray Cyrus - Deja Blue
(Craig Wiseman/Donny Lowery) Now as she's walking out the door Sayin' she don't want me no more As her tires are a squealin' Lord I get this funny feelin' That I've been in this position before A dif
Billy Ray Cyrus - Enough Is Enough
(Billy Ray Cyrus/Don Von Tress/Keith Hinton) Ain't it sad Johnny had another accident Down some steps and landed on a lit cigarette Must have made daddy madder than he thought he had So his little mind
Billy Ray Cyrus - Geronimo
Oh what you feel! It was a wildcat of a hot night The stars were rippin' holes in the sky The crickets in the thicket clicked quicker every minute Poppin' like a fourth of July On a tall point pony in
Billy Ray Cyrus - Give My Heart To You
(Bob DiPiero/Walt Aldridge) I gave two teeth in a teenage brawl For a girl whose name I can't recall Then we broke up I gave a knee to the football team Chasing that high school state champ dream We
Billy Ray Cyrus - How Much
One candle burns brightly It flickers and it almost dies like me Alone against the wind But this moment has magic It's keeping that flame alive As we hold on to the night There'll be another day, we'
Billy Ray Cyrus - I Still Believe
I STILL BELIEVE (Jon Davis, Billy Decker) Pick up the phone I know you're home I see your silhouette From this rainy pay phone booth I didn't mean what I said I'm sorry I snapped and lost my head T
Billy Ray Cyrus - Nobody
Nobody came one night in May No one to love her on that day Story goes the rest Is just a shame There was no mothers open arms No daddy there to shield her from the harm Just another face without a n
Billy Ray Cyrus - Only God Could Stop Me Loving You
We saw the moon in Colorado Made music in Tennessee We found the gold in El Dorado It's so good makin' love you and me These arms - they will never hold another These eyes - they are blind to any othe
Billy Ray Cyrus - Patsy Come Home
Mile marker ninety-two on forty goin' west I'd been drivin' without rest the whole night through I saw this little cardboard sign about to fade away Made a tear roll down my face with just one line Pat
Billy Ray Cyrus - Redneck Heaven
Take me to redneck heaven When I'm dead and gone Where my southern roots are buried Bandstand still lives on With some smoky pool room standing With Jesus on the wall Take me to redneck heaven When
Billy Ray Cyrus - Rock This Planet
(Michael White/Joe Collins) I've been on the road since I was a kid I was born to lead this life I live Fate placed me among the chosen few I'm a man with a mission, got a job to do Rock this planet
Billy Ray Cyrus - Roll Me Over
Reckless and wild in the clutch I didn't care if it was tackle or touch I never ever asked your for much Yet you're drivin' me crazy and things of such Roll me over ooh, roll me over, ooh You straight
Billy Ray Cyrus - Shot Full Of Love
(Bob McDill) Once I had a heart cold as ice Love to me was only for fun I'd make a mark for each broken heart Like notches on the butt of a gun Once I had a trick up my sleeve And a reputation all ov
Billy Ray Cyrus - Sing Me Back Home
Written by Merle Haggard The warden led a prisoner down a hallway to his doom. I stood up to say goodbye like all the rest. And I heard him tell the warden, just before he reached my cell: Let my guita
Billy Ray Cyrus - Storm In The Heartland
(Billy Henderson/C Ryle/Donal Burns) The leaves on the tree are turnin' inside out From the Great White North there's a big black cloud Run for shelter if you can There's a storm in the heartland We m
Billy Ray Cyrus - The American Dream
(Keith Stegall/Gary Harrison) Well they moved away from the farms they did not own To live happily ever after on a G.I. loan The future was looking bright back in '62 'Neath the shadow of atomic bombs
Billy Ray Cyrus - The Past
(Billy Ray Cyrus) Back when I was young When I was just a kid The foolish things we done The secrets that we hid Out on our playground Where I first touched your lips Our first taste of love Upon o
Billy Ray Cyrus - Time Flies
(Billy Ray Cyrus/Casey Beathard) It's living int he moment today Got down ont he floor and played with my little girl For a little while It's crazy how much she's grown It seems last I looked she was
Billy Ray Cyrus - Time For Letting Go
(Jude Cole) I've been holding back words And waiting for time There's a lesson here somewhere I know it's mine And though I'll remember the promise we made Promises don't justify feeling this way, an
Billy Ray Cyrus - Touchy Subject
(Michael Lunn/Gordon Bradberry) I'll sit and talk baby all night long We can discuss whatever you want We'll share our secrets, our little white lies Before we're through, we'll be bona fide worldly-wi
Billy Ray Cyrus - Trail Of Tears
(Billy Ray Cyrus) Too many broken promises Too many Trail of Tears Too many times you were left cold For oh so many years Too many times you walked away And was made to feel ashamed And though you o
Billy Ray Cyrus - Under The Hood
(Al Anderson/Bob DiPiero) Well my first love was a little Corvette All done up in lipstick red I thought it'd last forever 'til the motor blew Well I guess I didn't look close enough It's a little bit


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