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Big Punisher - Banned From TV
N.O.R.E, the movie comin soon (Timbaland, SHUT THE FUCK UP) Tryin to be out in '98, you know ??? (Im tryin to watch this movie) This the real shit (Shut the fuck UP!!!!!) '98, its ours [Nature] Ay
Big Punisher - Brave In The Heart
Remember Pun? Yeah, check me out.. Remember Pun? Terror Squad.. [Triple Seis] I'll battle ya all, from the charts to ghetto stars Face Triple Seis the God of War like Mars that leave MC's smashed b
Big Punisher - Capital Punishment
[Big Pun] It's mine; it's all mine you understand? At least me and my peoples Can you dig that? 21st century -- thought I'd never see it Right around the corner, baby Ours for the taking Verse o
Big Punisher - Carribean Connection
[Wyclef] Warning! [Big Pun] Yo, wanna rumble with Pun hah? *loud farting noise* Shit on the whole industry Yo who puff more Owls than Pun? Pile on more styles than Pun? Who the only one with over a t
Big Punisher - Glamour Life
Intro (Cuban Link) Glamour life style baby, bottle the rocks Lose the ice, 100 mil kid, money, money, money, mo Platinium status, yeah, what up, what up? (Big Punisher) Stick
Big Punisher - Intermission
yo this is the intermission so go get some pot and get high and when u turn to the next song well sing about it. well i will give u and example. door opens ) busta rhymes - yo big pun whats up nigga?
Big Punisher - John Blaze
Verse One: Nas My stripes show like regiments, military intelligence Murder game, I leave no evidence -- credentials Go ask my pre-school, even talk to my old principal He'd tell you how you I used to
Big Punisher - Laughing At You
[Tony Sunshine] Ha Ha Ha Do you see me now you remember me the guy from the back of the class that used to where the glasses the one you used to laugh at look at me now brother do u like fruit wel
Big Punisher - Leather Face
[Big Punisher] What I gotta do let y'all niggaz know? I am +THE NICEST+.. +EVER+.. heh.. Hardcore? Commercial? Whatchu wanna do, you wanna wile up, you wanna dance? Don't matter to me, I got it all l
Big Punisher - New York Giants
C'mon.. Yeah yeah.. uhh, uh-huh.. (Oh shit!) Hehehe.. (Ohhh shit!!) C'mon (yeah yeah) c'mon!! Uhh, yeah, this is the motherfuckin uncut Long time comin, ya heard? M.O.P. (c'mon, uhh) Big motherfucki
Big Punisher - Nigga Shit
[Big Punisher] Yeah.. This is for my peoples on the street, y'know? Gave me love since day one.. y'knahmean? When I was puttin it down Battlin for mine, y'knahmsayin? Battlin - projects and neighbor
Big Punisher - Off Wit His Head
[Big Punisher] I don't give a fuck! Til I die, I'ma live it up Hit em up, nigga what what, nigga what? Better watch yo' ass 'fore I pull the choppers out the stash and helicopter yo' ass, about a bloc
Big Punisher - Pakinamac Pt II
Fuck my knees hurt Go out! We gotta run! Yo, get the fuck outta here, you got blood on your shirt Its ok, I was Packin a mac in the back of the ac' What? I was pakinamac in tha back of the aC' Ohhh!
Big Punisher - Parental Discretion
[Big Punisher] Aiyyo I'm hard to talk to, if you live I probably thought you stalked you where you walked to at night, caught you then tried to extort you New York niggaz is trigger happy, got Pataki sc
Big Punisher - Punish Me
[Big Punisher] I was the luckiest man on Earth, my wisdom was worth any purse but had a curse that hurt worse than givin birth My first verse explains some of the game she was playin I'm blamin myself
Big Punisher - The Dream Shatterer (Original)
Aiyyo I shatter dreams like Jordan, assault and batter your team Your squadron'll be barred from rap like Adam & Eve from the garden I'm carvin my initials on your forehead So every night before bed you
Big Punisher - Top Of The World (Remix)
* originally on Brandy's Have You Ever 12 [Rodney] Yo I don't think they're ready for this one Another Darkchild remix Brandy, RJ, Big Pun, Fat Joe, Terror Squad Come on [Big Pun] Hear the truth sho
Big Punisher - Tres Leches (Triboro Trilogy)
Wake you up and as I stare in your face you seem stunned... --> Rakim (repeat 2X) Wake you up and as I stare in your... (repeat 2X) I wake you up and as I stare in your face you seem stunned [Prodigy]
Big Punisher - Watch Those
[Big Punisher] Earth to Pun.. come in Pun.. WAAAAAAAAAAATER BOY Yeah yeah yeah.. The levels the levels the levels be good? Levels is good, levels is good? Yeah.. Chorus: Big Punisher (repeat 2X) Yo


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