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Belle Perez - Everything
Can't imagine what my life would be, without you I'm just happy spending all my time Around you ... oh yeah What I'm getting is true love Don't want anybody but you ... because Everything I feel,
Belle Perez - Get Up And Boogie
The night was happening; music was loud He sat alone another face in the crowd I knew for certain, didn't think twice , he seemed nice A little action could really break the ice So I walked over and I
Belle Perez - Hang On To Yourself
When I was a little girl My mama used to say Don't do this Don't do that Now go outside and play Well here I am About five years old Just another girl Dancing on the doorstep to the world And that
Belle Perez - Hello World
Hello world This is me Life should be Fun for everyone Every now and then I'm insecure Let me show you life can be so pure Seize the day Wear a big happy smile on your face In every life a little r
Belle Perez - Hijo De La Luna (met Voice Male)
Tonto el que no entienda Cuenta una leyenda Que una hembra gitana Conjuro a la luna Hasta el amanecer llorando pedia Al llegar el dia Desposar un cale Tendras a tu hombre Piel morena Desde el cie
Belle Perez - Hola Mundo
Hola mundo Estoy aqui Para ti Solo para ti En esta vida no hay seguridad La vida es pura disfrutala Lleva siempre Alegria y amor en tu mente Si te encuentras triste piensa en mi Siempre recuerda
Belle Perez - How Can I Tell You
You're lightyears away from me As if I have always known I'm slowly losing my mind you see I can't face life on my own I hear your voice And for one second I can see your face You never gave me no ch
Belle Perez - Kiss And Make Up
Suddenly you made me see How much you really mean to me Physical This is physical Physical I don't wanna talk about it Physical This is physical Purely physical I wanna kiss and make up I didn't
Belle Perez - Mamacita
On the beach with all my friends just singin' dancin' Watchin' all the chicos walkin' by someone yelled party here tonight When I turned someone was standing there before me He had brown skin and
Belle Perez - Never Ever
Thinking of you all the time Every second brings you closer Hey now, I can't wait Till we meet again Wanna kiss and hold you tight Knowing we can stay together Hey now, don't be late On you I can
Belle Perez - Something You Should Know
I'm in the blue up here in my room What can I do if you're not coming soon We gotta talk I think I got a right Why do you stay out all night You're on the run but you cannot hide What have you done I
Belle Perez - The Way You Are
Take a look around Tell me what you see Are you looking for a good time baby Do you ever think of me Come on hey Please let me know If you can't sleep at night For I know the reason ha ha And it ma
Belle Perez - This Crazy Feeling
Going through these changes We can't be like strangers Tell me who you are Lately I've been losing sleep Your lovely eyes are all I see And I feel there's something gonna change In my life You're no
Belle Perez - You Make Me Feel So Good
I came a long long way To show you how I feel today And now I don't know where to start It's what you do to me This state of my emergency Straight from the bottom of my heart You're the one and only


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