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Babel Fish - Close To Home
I swear on my life I really do care Don't know where we going But I can't wait to get there I've been the lost boy In search of his mom The sky still is cloudy But you made the sea look calm And no
Babel Fish - Half Hearted
Thought that you were listening Thought your butt might be worth kissing But the smile got stuck It felt like a disease Took another wrong turn So I watched another bridge burn down I am spending mos
Babel Fish - I Can Wait
My name shined so bright Reflecting in my lights Someone put a sign up On this rainy night Naturally I stopped All three doors were locked When right out of nowhere Came this creepy man With gun in
Babel Fish - Jigsaw Man
I'm surrounded by myself Tucked away on a shelf I am a forgotten elf Kids will bring me back real soon They will have me done by noon Torn away my safe cocoon I'm the Jigsaw Man That nobody can Rea
Babel Fish - Light Of Day
Flat on my back With you beside me I cannot belive the things that I see When I'm in your arms The world stops spinning around Rub on the lamp 'Cause I've been locked in All sweaty and damp When yo
Babel Fish - Little Big Woman
She was as straight as an arrow I was the crookedest bow She had the weight of a sparrow and I was the heaviest crow Walking together in shadows Drifting apart in the light Clutching at straws in the
Babel Fish - Mania
And there she was, she had a sip I tried to light a smoke but it was lit I couldn't help but watch her eyes They were incapable of telling lies Felt hypnotized A mania Insania for you Lost in you A
Babel Fish - Out Of The Blue
Just when you thought You'd run out of date and time And just when i felt Like you'd been out of your mind Sensing defeat under your skin A door opens up so you walk right in And out of the blue You
Babel Fish - Over The Moon
So, you're down on your elbows and knees and now you just go with the flow You used to be easy to please but that was a long time ago. But when you enter her room and when she opens her dream cocoon
Babel Fish - The Speechwriter
The Speechwriter said Please President let me stay in bed I'm fighting a war I can't face the mirror anymore The Speechwriter's dead I'm speechless he said My wall is broken My truth is based on lie
Babel Fish - TicTac
Tic-Tac Before you say Gesundheit You'll have a flashback That's a big crack And honey, it seems we've walked In circles for eternity It's tricky to be happy And time is being quite unkind And roug
Babel Fish - Turning The Blind Eye
You are witty,funny Frightening and bizarre A mystery femme that no one knows by far I'm in a trance And you do your act You're cool and confident I'm lying in a pool of wet cement I'm being trapped
Babel Fish - Two Feet Tall
Cold Laughing like a moron in a can A chill runs down my spine Am I the joke or the comedian I'm running out of time Lips that tasted tears Left a trail of peas Still Nothing has changed Nothing's


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