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B Witched - Are You A Ghost
Are You A Ghost? Lyrics It's two in the morning I'll tell you why I'm awake There it goes, that creepy feeling again Round in my head Ooh again here in my head Here in the darkness Oh there's so ma
B Witched - Blame It On The Weatherman
Blame It On The Weatherman Lyrics It's just one more day No one said There would be rain again Won't blame it on myself I'll blame it on the weatherman Get away for a while Here I am out on my own
B Witched - Freak Out
Freak Out Lyrics We're so friendly to the better looking guys Watching em wiggle in front of our eyes We just laugh, we stay cool We're in control, we're in the mood We won't stop Too hot! Platform
B Witched - I Shall Be There
I Shall Be There Lyrics Awaken, breathe Hear the calling in the wind The voice, it's saying A journey must begin We'll fly like a bird In a scattered cloudy sky Leave aside the city worries It's j
B Witched - In Fields Where We Lay
In Fields Where We Lay Lyrics There's a green hill far away In a land I know so well And the sun it shone so bright In the fields where once we did lay In the fields where once we did lay As we walk
B Witched - It Was Our Day
It Was Our Day Lyrics Eight o'clock on the morning that you left The day was dark, I sat in my room They walked in and told me that you'd gone That moment on I knew you'd be our angel Knew you'd be o
B Witched - Jesse Hold On
Jesse Hold On Lyrics Sitting on a crowded train I feel good, I feel good, I feel good Wishing all the time away 'Till that day, that day-ay-ay-ay I give you my hand Now come rescue me For better or
B Witched - Jump Down
Jump Down Lyrics I woke up to find Your face on my mind The sun always shines Oh my garden I told you before Just knock on my door cause you know the score It's my party You ran away with my spoo
B Witched - Leaves
Leaves Lyrics In winter I fall at your feet In summer I blow where we meet And you, oh you You hold me up 'Til like a leaf we fall On to the ground It's time for seasons to go A reason, a reason t
B Witched - Like The Rose
Like The Rose Lyrics Every little word With every lesson learned I think I know why hearts are made of stone Every little pain Fans a bitter flame Nothing stops me loving you Can't you see that we
B Witched - My Superman
My Superman Lyrics Some people say to me They say I don't have a clue I'm gonna make them see There's something special 'bout you When you've got your arms around me (oh when you've got your arms ar
B Witched - Never Giving Up
Never Giving Up Lyrics Tell me about your day What you been thinkin Cos I been waiting outside your place Waiting a long time now And I been callin Baby I just had to see your face Please don't tel
B Witched - Oh Mr Postman
Oh Mr Postman Lyrics Angel, I can feel it's not you Angel, I wish it were not true And as I walk to the beat of my heart inside I feel like letting go Oh darling now in my dream you'll be tonight so
B Witched - Red Indian Girl
Red Indian Girl Lyrics Met an old man, Miller his name Met him on a dusty road Got off the bus, Heard him singing Sittin' in a rocking chair I said where you been? Tell me your story I'm ready now,
B Witched - Rev It Up
Rev It Up Lyrics Hurry up we're all ready And all you need to bring is yourself Gonna go slow take it steady Cause there's no room for nobody else Sun is high, sky is blue It's so bright, we're just
B Witched - Rollercoaster
Rollercoaster Lyrics Today's the day, we're out to play And lost our way, it's always the same - oh baby now Climbed the trees, swam the seven seas We've grazed our knees and no-one's to blame Come a
B Witched - Rollercoaster Ride
Rollercoaster Ride Lyrics Today’s the day, we’re out to play And lost our way, it’s always the same - oh baby now Climbed the trees, swam the seven seas We’ve grazed our kn
B Witched - Someday
Someday Lyrics It's kinda funny Tomorrow is yesterday It feels so good We'll slide on a rainbow Catching a moonbeam or two Oh, oh Don't tell me I'm a dreamer 'Cause I don't want to know (so let me
B Witched - The Shy One
The Shy One Lyrics What's a girl supposed to do With a fool like you Don't go trying the key in the door 'Cos it won't turn for you Get up on the ceiling You don't know what I'm feeling Act your ag
B Witched - We Four Girls
We Four Girls Lyrics So are you ready to go Here we go Come on We four girls are here to stay Come on We four girls, we four girls So get it when you got it Just keep it....good So you got it


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