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B4 4 - Ball And Chain
CHORUS: I just wanna be your ball and chain Wrapped around your finger Locked up, tie me down Follow you forever Never let you get away Holding on like a ball and chain I never wanted to stay
B4 4 - Endlessly
Late at night you call on the phone We talk about the day When you found out He was cheating You tell me that it hurts to the bone To trust someone that way To find that he was deceiving And
B4 4 - Everyday
Now that you're right in front of me There's something that i would Like to say to you I made up my mind And if you feel the same I swear that I will be there Everyday Everyday from now Unt
B4 4 - Get Down
I will be the one to love and comfort you From now until the day I die I will take you places that you only think About when you're asleep at night Let me take the time to understand And I will
B4 4 - Go Go
Jay and James roll Tape I'm ready to... Here I am It's friday night I'm feeling good The time is right There you come Right out the crowd And all that I can say is CHORUS: I want you to
B4 4 - How Did We End Up Here
I let you go, you did just the same We must have thought that we'd be Better off that way Now here we are, free to move on Searching just to find the love we both Had all along After all the wo
B4 4 - Smile
Oh baby Ain't like you to make me smile Pick me up when I'm feelin' down When no one else comes around Ain't like you make me smile Oh baby Ain't like you to make me cry Every mile brings ano


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