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B2K - B2K Introduces Jhene
I wanna sing for you Entertain you Spend some time with you Open up to you Give myself to you Keep it real with you That's all I really wanna do Cause I really love ya Can I open up my heart to yo
B2K - B2K Is Hot
(B2k 2001 c’mon) B2K got the ladies jumpin' Keep the party bumpin' And everybody’s sayin’ B2k is hot The party’s rippin and Aint nobody trippin’ and all my fellas chillin’ like Repeat
B2K - B2k is hot (skit)
yo i'm sayin' what we gonna do? we sittin' up here all bored and everything i mean what's crakin' 4 the night j boog? i'm sayin' what's up i tell u this i ain't stayin' in this house another minute (4
B2K - Baby Girl
He took advantage of your love and he threw it all away he broke your tender heart words can't express what you wanna say but deep inside you know that there's someone out there for you who will love
B2K - Badaboom
Yea, yea, yea (It's B2K ya'll) It's B2K ya'll Welcome ladies... and gentlemen (Yes) To the U Got Served Soundtrack (Yea) We about to do dis You know how we get down Oh Yea You know dat come on Oma
B2K - Come On
B2K - Omarion, Lil Fizz, Raz B, J Boog Come on... come on... (leave em alone) Omarion, first verse... Peek-a-boo Little fine lady I see you Little Man knows what he wanna do After school You know t
B2K - Everything
Verse 1: When I'm out on the road goin from show to show I told my homie Romeo how much I miss you so I don't know how much longer It'll be I'm missing you, wantin you And I really want to talk to
B2K - Fizzo Got Flow
[Verse 1] One, two, three, four, Fizzo came through and I'm blazin out the door Hold five to six hoes Causin frenzies round the globe And my belly stay froze, cuz my chain hang low Now I'm gettin pai
B2K - Hey Little Lady Interlude
lil fizz: walking down the street with a soda can in my hand i hope you realize and understand i'm lil fizz and i'm so, so... Raz-B: ay yo fizz fizz fizz fizz fizz you see them girls over there lil
B2K - I Beat You To It (Turn The Party Out)
~J.Boog~ Yea Eh yo ya kno wut im sayin alot of people who heard tha last album and didn't really understand wut B2K was all about but im tell ya we didn't have no soul image but gangsta on our album
B2K - I bet
Girl, don't you tell me that you're dreamin that And don't you tell me that you're scheming that For thinking that he could ever take the place of me And girl, don't you tell me that you've got my back
B2K - Intro
(siren) (girls chanting:) B2K B2K B2K B2K B2K B2K B2K B2K PANDEMONIUM Girl: Oh My God, I finally I got the CD. Come on man, hurry up and play. YESS!! OH YES
B2K - Jingle Bells
CHORUS Jingle Bells, Jingle bells Jingle all the way Oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh Jingle bells, Jingle bells Jingle all the way Oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open
B2K - Last Boyfriend
Verse 1 why you gotta ask me where i been why you gotta talk in that acusin tone you think the worst of me you always think im out doing you wrong you gettin on my nerves wit dat always stressin me
B2K - My First Christmas
Verse 1 My first Christmas Santa will be coming to my town and it will be his first time I wish for this day since I was just a little boy and now it's here and it feels so good to say Merry Chri
B2K - One Kiss
[Verse 1:] She was so sincere The way she grabbed my hand And introduced herself Like no one else has done before And I can’t lie I was hypnotized By the smile, and the talk and the style of the
B2K - Rudolph The RedNosed Reindeer
Hey B2k Can you guys tell met he story about Rudolph The one with the shiny nose Its red They say it glows Can you tell a story Please, please, please Rudolph the red-nose reindeer Had a very shiny
B2K - Santa Baby
Santa baby, just slip a sable under the tree for me Been an awful good girl Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight Santa baby, a drive top canten Light blue I'll wait up for you, dear Santa
B2K - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
[Chorus:] You better watch out you better not cry you better not pout I'm telling you why Santa Claus is coming to town He's making a list And checking it twice Gonna find out who's naughty or ni
B2K - Shorty
Verse 1 (Omarion) Shorty was 5'5 hair cut like a bowl Lookin like a model from the cover of vogue Sexy momma, body bangin out of control She lookin at me, but I ain't fa sho She was the hottest gurl I
B2K - Sprung
[Omarion:] Yo, its alright girl I understand how you feel You aint gotta lie to yourself Its easier to see Listen [Verse 1:] Baby its official I'm tired of lookin at ya out my window I peep you wh
B2K - The Other Guy
[Verse 1] Its another day of you trippin out on me I could retaliate and bring the ghetto outta me But I feelin you and not the things you do I would rather set you straight then smack you in your
B2K - Understanding
Ya know, this is a little, little something for the brothers huh, a little anthem. To let the ladies know, What a brother needs We need a little understanding Ya know what I'm saying Like this C
B2K - What U Get
Ooooohhhh Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah yeah Check it out I know that you've been saying That things haven't turned out with in the way that you had always planned I make up for the taken, it's time to b
B2K - Where Did We Go Wrong
Yeah Platinum Status B2K Dave Mac We gone bump your speakers with this one Yeah.............Uh Y’all know who this is it’s B2K Check it out I wan to tall ya’ll about this girl I don’t thin


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