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Avalon - Age Of Salvation
For a while I walk To the dark out there Try to go back To look where it came from When I see today Desert world around Needs a cover From oceans of water Wanna be back there In the outer range I
Avalon - Aurora
Avalon - Black Hole Wisdom
I ask for attention I feel the apprehension And I get no answer Felt like I was decaying Devoutly started praying Let my evil die I obtain no reunion It seems you can't forgive me Please send me an
Avalon - Burning Souls
Into the darkness where your journey ends in fear Annihilation of humanity can't save you here All the creations of former generations Prowess of destruction is a deadly trade Your bloodstained hands,
Avalon - Children Of War
The enemy aliens From outer space They had been too hard And too strong We are heading to stay Till the end We never thought about Leaving for somewhere beyond Never ever thought about To betray t
Avalon - Dancing With The Devil
morbidangelcrematory pestilenceblacksabbathfight retrovirusangelripper doomsdaycrisiskillersslime I will never walk alone And I will always find a way judassepulturatorso sacrificethesacredreich si
Avalon - Eternal Flame
I walk across the land Where the mountains rise A strong and cold wind blowing hard And the flawless stone hides The reason for my journey burns Can't you see the glow A world beyond the promised lan
Avalon - Eurasia
Avalon - Far Away
It's another day Talking to myself There's no other way Of making it straight ahead It's another May I'm not getting closer And no other stay for me Till the end of flight Far away Will I meet you
Avalon - Gene Genius
I don't know What I'm feeling Can't you see What's going on I am Gene I'm a genius But something happened The human touch Tries to corrupt My way too much I am a bit confused United units start
Avalon - Lord Of Dignity
He is on his way Longing for comfort To lead him through the day But the only thing in life Is the freedom to survive Believe in the power Of the will A matter of survival For the lord of dignity
Avalon - Solitune
Avalon - The Painting
A sleepless night Near my river that flows I'm longing to see your face The winds are so high As I start to shiver And the clouds fade away [chorus:] Embrace me please And let my dream come true Y
Avalon - The Road To Eden
We did walk So many years now We don't know How far we have to go To reach another place Now we feel The body's weariness Just see this tired face But the journey must go on On the road to Eden W


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