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Attica Blues - 3ree
Riding a beam of light Light on your love tonight You touched this child's delight I'm high on your love Who'd think someone could be All that you are to me I can't believe the joy you brought to me
Attica Blues - 808 Song
Attica Blues - Atlanta
Is it possible for you to claim a land You've never seen To talk about a far away place you've Never been Imagine a city buried beneath the sea An ideallic island Calm and serene Untouched by civili
Attica Blues - Blueprint
Excursions through the inner mind's eye Now morning's sun is dawning Moon blue indigo Blueprint I spied the blueprint Children run come follow As swallows surf the skies Past tense of the intent Bl
Attica Blues - Enter
Backstreet ways Crowded dorways The darkness scares you Do you dare to look into those eyes Their kindness must disguise Ulterior Motives Will you ever know if the shadow's that Follow are only you
Attica Blues - Impulse
Attica Blues - Intro
Attica Blues - Questions
Attica Blues - Tender
From paper to pen, from pen to paper Breathe these whispered words from what was once, to what now has to be Breathe these whispered words And when the Blue ink dries, and when we both have cried Only
Attica Blues - Wbra
Attica Blues - What Are You Gonna Do Now
I've been all around the earth to many different places Spoken in tongues to mnay different faces And after I couldn't communicate the beat was my language Bridging divides between days of our lives Wh


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