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Altar - Destructive Selection
Almost everyday I get Irritated by the fact Assholes like you are near Annoying me everywhere If I was a nazi, I'd vote against you If there was a god, I'd pray for help If I was social, I'd talk to
Altar - Egoverment
You've been kicked on this world The naked truth of a big mistake Another part of this family A gift from god what a fake Why call them parents? They don't give a fuck Why call them teachers? They f
Altar - Eidolon
I Take I am spoiled , I'm raised in wealth I've learned to care just for myself I don't take time to wait for things I please myself with what's interesting 'Cause I'm born in this country I've had n
Altar - Fast As A Shark
[Accept-cover chosen by us because back in 1982, it was the most brutal metal song ever! We've tried to keep that alive!] Fog in the streets A church clock beats Midnight - darkness all around You bett
Altar - Judgementality
Every single crime he has made in life He must pay for one's mistake, endlessly Now confront the judge punished for his deeds And when you think it stops then it just begins Severe punishment the judge
Altar - La noi
Ce-ti doresc eu tie dulce Romania, Tara mea de glorie, tara viitor Sa ai parte de carte, sa iei potul cel mare "Sa moara dusmanii de suparare" Pe un picior de plai Pe-o gura de rai Daca muncesti n-ai
Altar - Pathetic Priest
Your whole life, you preach harmony Relationship, you're fucking jesus christ Obey 'cause you've been told he would save your soul But now you're passing the final hour Your life is through, there is
Altar - Psycho damn
The day I was born No troubles at all Living on this world Never thought to fall Human life problems I saw around me Then my life changed And I had to see My eyes sunken in Pollution of the brain
Altar - Silent force
Send back to primal life Where man rules the other one A young mind so confused What's the purpose of it all Wander in chaotic darkness Usual reaction has gone A strangulation atmosphere Commands th
Altar - Tonight This Country Will Die
A land of plenty, a land for free Where no one knows real poverty Work enough - Democracy Rely on social security You're cornerstones, success assured For every problem the final cure Learn our way,
Altar - Wrong Night
I walked into this place to meet the human race To satisfy my thirst, to gather with my friends Forget the foolish ways I got tired of today To see what's going on with the freaks of the world Yes, I w


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