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Agnostic Front -
They say we're born to lose, we got the right to choose Do what we wanna do. Be what we wanna be They say we're out of touch. Well their opinions don't mean that much to me Give me liberty or give me
Agnostic Front - Alright
What happened to the world today what Happens all you say what happened yesterday? All we do is watch our back sleep with This and fuck with death we're ready to attack I can't seem to find a better wa
Agnostic Front - Bastard
i remember just the best of you, like the beatings and bruises you gladly through. and when it came down for mental support a blatant strike was how you would resort. tell me what i have done wrong to
Agnostic Front - Club Girl
Do you feel so betrayed like To dance that beat away? Hip-pop club guys look at You feel so free what can You do put yourself down you're a disgrace Why do you support them? As they call you bitch t
Agnostic Front - Crucial Changes
Now is the time to show what to do Crucial change, it all starts with you You're not here to make this a better place You're not happy I see it in your face
Agnostic Front - Dead Yuppies
When it all goes wrong man you know that feeling Gotta work and still can't pay rent See them walk by in the latest fashion The streets are filled with just me and them When money is your god with your
Agnostic Front - Force Feed
four hundred years ago as enforced today, the barriers built then to reform undesirable prey. removed from civilization, reduced to depraved moles. once freedom is withdrawn the levels of hatred soar.
Agnostic Front - In Control
See that girl now, turn your head now Eat it right here or go now In control, in control Are you really in control? Sex over there Sleep over there Fight over there Pressure builds up In my head D
Agnostic Front - Liberty
They say we're born to lose, we got the right to choose Do what we wanna do. Be what we wanna be They say we're out of touch. Well their opinions don't mean that much to me Give me liberty or give me
Agnostic Front - Love To Be Hated
Well I know somebody somewhere is gonna Love me! Well I know somebody somewhere out there is gonna Hate me! Well I'm loved and I'm hated And loved and hated And loved and hated And love love love t
Agnostic Front - New Jack
listen up here said a wise man to a fool. here unlike there there are no set rules. remember one thing you came here alone. thats how youll do this bid, thats how youll go home. learn how to do time, d
Agnostic Front - No One Rules
You have no right to tell us what to do You have no balls to tell us what to do You got no right to tell us what to do You got not balls to tell us what to do There ain't no joke and there's no fuckin'
Agnostic Front - Out For Blood
Running in fear as he nears you Crying out in terror but no one can hear you Trapped in an alley, nowhere to hide Carefully watching your steps with his eyes Growling, awaiting to kill you Slowly appr
Agnostic Front - Over The Edge
pure hatred burns deep in my soul because our bond has cracked in time. its taken months for my cool to explode. now whats been damaged remains in my mind. i should have listened to those you called foo
Agnostic Front - Power
Power Anti-social being Human discharge A fascist regime We're fighting in the streets Trying to be free They say the regime will save us all It's anti-social and gonna fall
Agnostic Front - Public Assistance
You spend your life on welfare lines Or looking for handouts Why don't you go find a job You birth more kids to up your checks So you can buy more drugs Cash in food stamps and get drunk [Chorus:] U
Agnostic Front - Retaliate
clenching my fist, holding it in. can't keep up the gaurd, i must break within. i've kept to myself, obeyed my script. now i've violated into a boiling fit. i've givin fair warning, best known to enfor
Agnostic Front - Toxic Shock
Toxins - buried underground Seep into the water Dioxin - she drank for nine straight months Deformed her unborn daughter Factories - spewing poison fumes The cause of acid rain Destroy crops and anim
Agnostic Front - Traitor
When you're with me You're my best friend Then when you leave You're a fucking hypocrite Traitor [x4] You're a fucking two faced Traitor [x4]
Agnostic Front - Uncle Sam
Go to work give your shares We'll drain the life from you The internet so cool tax dollars hard at work Built my new swimming pool You think you elected me so trust I know what's best For you What do
Agnostic Front - Undertow
yesterday, my wourld crashed with a blast. that period i chose to bury my past. it tells of time-my back against the wall. back then, a victim of society to maul. spend your life pushing and shoving to
Agnostic Front - United Blood
Talk about unity Talk abour conformity You don't want to support the scene Why don't you get the fuck away from me I'm a skin, you're a skin Who's gonna suffer Live in sin, where you been You're all


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