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Agnetha Faltskog - A fool am i
This time your story had better be good Or I may leave you like I know I should You say you've missed me while you've been away Where'd you go? and who with - that's what I'd like to know You have the
Agnetha Faltskog - Fly me to the moon
Fly me to the moon And let me play among the stars Let me see what spring is like On Jupiter and Mars In other words Hold my hand In other words Darling kiss me Fill my heart with song And let me
Agnetha Faltskog - Love me with all your heart
Love me with all of your heart That's all I want, love Love me with all of your heart Or not at all Just promise me this That all you'll give me All your kisses Every winter Every summer Every fal
Agnetha Faltskog - My colouring book
For those who fancy colouring books And lots of people do Here's a new one for you A most unusual colouring book The kind you never see Crayons ready Very well Begin to colour me These are the e
Agnetha Faltskog - Sealed with a kiss
'Tho we gotta say goodbye for the summer Darling I promise you this I'll send you all my love Every day in a letter Sealed with a kiss Guess it's gonna be a cold lonely summer But I'll fill the
Agnetha Faltskog - Sometimes when i am dreaming
All the friends I believed in I believed in for a while They had their flair They had their style But nobody quite got it right Nobody knew just how it feels to be me But sometimes when I'm dream
Agnetha Faltskog - What now my love
What now my love? Now that you left me How can I live through another day? Watching my dreams turning to ashes And my hopes into bits of clay Once I could see Once I could feel Now I am numb I've


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