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Agents Of Good Roots - Alaska
Alaska Music by: Andrew Winn Lyrics by: Andrew Winn Appears on: Seed Welcome to the world of the northern hemisphere Greet the winds of this heavenly frontier Water pure as the blood of Mary's son
Agents Of Good Roots - Exodus Of Left
Lyrics: Jones Music: Jones Lyrics: She come, she come Music stems from the eyes and ears of me He run, he run He sucked the life from his bone and he swore to me She come, she come (A puff of) her
Agents Of Good Roots - GET ME THERE
Lyrics: Winn Music: Winn Lyrics: I could hear the church bells from the ocean. I could hear angels sing to me. And in the midst when I break down I turn back to the one, Who's shining on down to me.
Agents Of Good Roots - Lucky One
Lyrics: Winn Music: Winn Lyrics: I'm looking through the window Looking around For memories bound In a scrapbook I'm trying to remember What was the date When fate hit the stake And was burned
Agents Of Good Roots - Mercury Jones
Just like Mercury Jones Styles change I stay the same Just like Mercury Jones Message fly Through the door And just like Mercury Jones Breathing all the evil to your mother's bones Now he's knockin
Agents Of Good Roots - MISS AMERICA
Lyrics: Jones Music: Jones Lyrics: Miss America, music lover, a dancer in the USO A one time loser a two time fiend, Says she even likes Black Crowes Bought a faux fur now she's a hip girl Head full
Agents Of Good Roots - Shortchange
Lyrics: Winn Music: Winn Lyrics: Burn Fire Blaze Steam Take it from me Watch your way Take it from mev Just the same Dust off your cap Grab your cup of tea Open up your mouth Don't forget to s
Agents Of Good Roots - Step To The Street (live)
Used to live uptown 'Til I hit the downtown Yea, people walking all around They come talking 'bout a hip town I step up to the street I step in time With the limousine I ship, ship, ship, shimmy the
Agents Of Good Roots - Straight (live)
The moon was drifting over Jordan As the street lies under control And the she slips into the middle Head on, the tour takes it's toll You bring bring blues from a fountain Keep you wishing for a rain
Lyrics: Jones Music: Jones Lyrics: Hobby was an only child He couldn't see or hear or read. But heard a voice inside his head Hobby was the deaf kid. Started playing toy piano Practiced morning, no


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