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Agent Steel - A C A B
Another restless night here in middle class suburbia. Everything's alright nothing ever happens 'round here. No one ever fights, gunshots I've never heard one. In a town painted so white, the cops are all
Agent Steel - Agents Of Steel
Back in the days we first sighted Their shields gleaming bright in the sky The light that was brighter than fire Forced cowards to run out of spite Masters of metal, agents of steel Masters of metal,
Agent Steel - Always You And I
Written by Nick Lachey, Rhett Lawrence It's so hard to say How a love could end this way The one that used to care for you Just turns and walks away And it's so hard to find To leave the pain behind
Agent Steel - Another Boring Day
When I woke up this morning I thought it'd be another boring day. Start the coffee skip the shower I'm out the door and on my way. But then the phone rang and I'll never forget the words you'd say. M
Agent Steel - Apocalypse (World Without Windows)
I am the consequence of zealotry I am decay Corrosive rust of time you'll never wash away I am the bitter cold, the frozen wind, the frost of hate Across the plains I sweep to slaughter what I've raped
Agent Steel - Better Days Ahead
What is it this time? That's got you dragging your feet on the ground. And who is it this time? Which son of a bitch is trying to bring you down? Are you gonna just sit right down and whine. Are
Agent Steel - Bullet For You
All my life i've been searching for something right A quick fix to help ease the pain A remedy to make life more sane Like novocaine All this time what i've been looking for is been right before my e
Agent Steel - Chosen To Stay
[intro] Freed from your shadow Approaching the lights, Still burned your darkness And so It's time... You can't hide forever You'll run, Until it's too late... You've chosen the moment An
Agent Steel - Count On Me
Every time I look around I see the faces that make me proud When I'm with you I feel so free My friends and family So much I want to say to you With all the shit that we've been through You know I wo
Agent Steel - Dreaming
Written by Montell Jordan, Shep Crawford, and Professor Funk Chorus Dreaming of you Every single day And every night of my life But someone else is holding you tight So I'll see you in my dreams, gir
Agent Steel - Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)
Written by A. Bagge, A. Birgisson, C. Ogalde Verse Your lips keep tellin' me you want me Hold me close all through the night And I know Deep inside you need me And no one else can make it right Don'
Agent Steel - Human Bullet
White Light Mission classified Neural Probe Map your mind TARGET Run the maze my loyal pet Recall your orders and the rest forget YOU ARE CLOSE So close to the perfect crime A human bullet in a cha
Agent Steel - If We Quit
I'm breaking down because were breaking up Sometimes too much is still less than enough My soul is bleeding I can't just quit you We said forever My hearts still beating I'm telling you if we quit no
Agent Steel - Intermood
Completely into you Discretely I will prove That I can do What you need me to do for you For you
Agent Steel - Intro
Welcome to 98 Degrees (Completely ...) Nick, Jeff, Justin and Drew (Discretely ...) Come and feel the heat Come and feel the passion (That I can do ...) This is our world This is 98 Degrees (For y
Agent Steel - Invisible Man
Written by Dane DeViller, Sean Hosein, and Steve Kipner Verse You can hardly wait to tell all your friends How his kisses taste sweet like wine And how he always makes your heart skip a beat Every tim
Agent Steel - Judge And Jury
Why must you insist on constant analysis Why can you just get over it Got a mind of my own I can not be your clone Ive got my own road to follow Don't try to change my ways Don't try to twist my fate
Agent Steel - Kontrol
Agent Steel - Last Laugh
I've seen your type before. And I'll see it a thousand times more. It's people like you I'm glad to see go. So let me walk you through the goddamn door. You think you're the it but you ain't shit.
Agent Steel - Never Giving Up
Written by Anders Bagge, Arnthor Birgisson, Justin Jeffre, Jeff Timmons Verse Tell me what's been going on How did our love go so wrong 'Cause I know that I made some mistakes Oh, baby And, girl, it'
Agent Steel - New Godz
Tearing beneath your feet Feel the ground split and crack and crumble beneath you Calamity serves a nightmare Never to wake from these dreams of destiny [Chorus:] All are buried New earth's eyes turn
Agent Steel - Silent Night
Written by F. Gruber, J. Mohr Silent night, holy night All is calm, all is bright Round yon virgin mother and child Holy infant so tender and mild Sleep in heavenly peace Sleep in heavenly peace Si
Agent Steel - Thank god i found you
I would give up everything Before I'd separate myself from you After so much suffering I finally found the unvernished truth I was all by myself for the longest time So cold inside And the hurt from
Agent Steel - The Calling
In every living thing in this planet has an aura. The area that you are discussing now is the aura of this planet. It is the Communicative Channel to which the Million Council governs this planet. Any
Agent Steel - The Way You Want Me To
Written by Anders Bagge, Arnthor Birgisson, Nick Lachey, Drew Lachey Chorus Won't throw no shade on you Don't wanna put you through Those lies you lived before Girl, I can give you more Baby, take my
Agent Steel - Unstoppable Force
RAGING about us The signs of war are coming, SPACE migrator Your presence ever, haunting... Bloodpools of tears The gods cursed forever, The walls of Giza Their message was so clear, From t
Agent Steel - You Should Be Mine
Written by R. Lawrence, N. Lachey, P. Cruz Verse I look at you And I can see you wanting more Inside your eyes Are telling me what you're looking for A love that's true Someone that you can lean on


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