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Agent Felix - As You Wish
cant close my eyes ashamed I let you down tonight I couldn't find the words to say so I guess I'll have to wait until your sound asleep and then I'll say that I'm sorry you should never have to be
Agent Felix - Bailey Bridge
i wrote this song for my now ex-girlfriend but she hadn't heard it yet so i changed all the words so that she'll never know what it said all those witty lines about her thrown away and gone but i'll
Agent Felix - Behind Me
and if I stare too long at the sky tonight will it open up to breath life back into my lungs they're collapsing into me the time is right is never true you can't hold out on time it holds out on you
Agent Felix - But Not Enough
you busted up my pride with a hard shot I'm bleeding from my eyes still you wont stop my hands did the best they could but not enough so talk down to me again remind me how pathetic I am and how pe
Agent Felix - Game Over
everything that you said is kind kind of pissing me off so this one goes out to you to tell you that I hate you and god i hope you hate me too i'm just glad I got to make you cry i'm sorry that I
Agent Felix - I Want Out
tears dripping on the ground I see this barrel staring up at me will the trigger set me free my legs are shaking as I decide if I'll consider one more try or if I'll end it all tonight I need to kno
Agent Felix - My Only Everything
following footsteps of my thoughts they start our scattered but each one leads straight back to you reach in pull half my heart out it cant hurt cause you already broke it in two it sucks when seein
Agent Felix - Sad Eyed Goodbyes
this wont hurt I swear but please dont close your eyes as i climb out of them to see your face again darling wont recover from the fall wont bother to try cause there is no reason to when the fall
Agent Felix - She Never Named It
so I'll sit down I'm that this might hurt be careful not to slit open my wrists with your words I just rubbed out my last wish I'll wish it all away to spell out your name with all the stars of Urugua
Agent Felix - Trying To Be Cool
here she comes maybe this time she will notice me a simple smile or a wave would mean so much but she'll just walk right be she never says hello to me oh well i guess i'm just down on my luck and i'm t
Agent Felix - Whatever, Goodnight
waking up and it seems like forever I thought we were in this together so lie to me again and say the words that I need to hear to keep your own conscience clear you never give me anything to go on


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