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Agent 51 - Aim High
I heard she's thinking bout taking my life She's got the guy killer eyes in her sights It wouldn't take long for this one to tire A desperate man sought to a ? Oh I know you played straight How long I
Agent 51 - Air Raid
YEA! Wanna tell you a story About a friend of mine in the pen When the gavel fell and the lock down cell This ? has its revenge I aint taking about killing no He aint the killing kind Just big ass
Agent 51 - American Rock N Roll
Travel long on this dusty road just to find another lost dead end Whiskey fueled on another load On this trip there aint no time for games Kick one back if you cant attack Aint a thing that I've regret
Agent 51 - Been So Long
What do you get for your anger And what do you get for your pain Its how you live this life in danger Your always on the go Still only scars remain Well its been so long since I have tried Yea its b
Agent 51 - Hell Bent Whiskey Suicide
YEA! I've seen the worst I've seen the best Time is runnin out once again for me I try so hard just to pay the rent I try so hard just to make a dent Believe it or not its killing me Lets get blinded
Agent 51 - Kinda Like Murder
Its kinda like murder It's kinda like a murder Only how much does it hurt I don't understand this pain Something's wrong but I cannot ? I don't wanna deal with this Every days a waste It seems like
Agent 51 - Kiss Of Death
Hey you Are you all used up like me Are you old and ? You can barely see Hey you Are you all played out like me Are you going off the tracks You can barely breathe Dye it black Burn it clean Whe
Agent 51 - Raised By Wolves
This is a call to all of those that I've been missin' This is a call to all of those I used to know I get so jaded and my blood begins to thicken Down so low Let it go And somewhere in the night I fin


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