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Agathodaimon - A Death In Its Plenitude
Screaming day and night at the dark-forboding walls Lights dim before me and enthralls all I'll always look the same in this cold, forsaken dark Teach me to drip own tears For the pain of other's heart
Agathodaimon - Back Into The Shadows
In the night of my final sacrifice I sent my soul Into the vast and fathomless unknown to find a word A word, that indicates the beyond. It came back later and spoke: I am myself heaven and hell! Scul
Agathodaimon - Bedeviled
Immune to life... I'll always die In the palms of heaven, where serpents lie Life is Death - postponed Bedeviled Paradise... web of all sin Ethereal shadows rise, postmortem redeemed Hell is paved wit
Agathodaimon - Body Of Clay
Cry with my tears Cry with my pain Still in the cold Neverending rain With one of your kisses My words you'd freeze From one of your kisses My bleeding would cease Shed all my tears The flood devo
Agathodaimon - Burden Of Time
Tumbling against walls of stone Arcades filled with silence The frozen hand of nothingness breaks my mind Crazed eyes follow my stars Echoes fill the air Locked in halls of solitude End my pain
Agathodaimon - Departure
We part for ever from today Farewell beloved one And I, unto may death, your way Will shun. I care not now where you may go You can no more bereave me Today the sweetest girl I know Does leav
Agathodaimon - Dusk Of An Infinite Shade
Streifen von schwarzen Schleiern bedecken langsam die Sonne Oh Mond meines Lebens, verhulle dich mit Schatten... Nahere dich mir, oh Stern, Sei grausam, Sei duster... Meine einzige Konigin, Mein ganz
Agathodaimon - Glasul Artei Viitoare
Strainule ce bati la poarta de unde vii si cine esti? Strainule de lumea noastra, raspunde-ne de unde vii, Prin care lumi traisi cosmarul nepovestitelor povesti Si-n care stea gasisi culoarea decolorate
Agathodaimon - Ill of imaginary guilt
I gave you light I seared off the oceans To show you my devotion I've lived your fright I wanna be the infamy I wanna wound your caprice I need to try your malice You should tame my misery I wa
Agathodaimon - Ne cheama pamantul
La voi cobor acuma, voi suflete-amagite Si ca sa va ard fierea, o, spirite-ametite Blestemul l invoc Blestemul mizantropic, cu vnata lui gheara Ca sa va scriu pe frunte, vita ce se-nfiara Cu fierul
Agathodaimon - Noaptea Nefiintei (Die Nacht Des Unwesens)
Ach, Nacht, wie lieb du mir warest Wenn die Sterne du ausloschen wurdest Ihre Strahlen murmeln unbekannte Gesange... Und ich wunsche mir alles Dustere und Stumme alles Entblo?te und Verschwommene All
Agathodaimon - Novus Ordo Seclorum
Putrid cross of ignorance, loss of reverence, whip of innocence Been listening to your mourning, watching you falling Deeper, farer, until your calling Evoked an eerie tone, that only you alone As a wa
Agathodaimon - Ribbons
Random raining, ribbons of melancholy The moment dies right here, before me Grey horizons tarred to my days The curtain fell, still the solitary plays Dance with me, me dear The dance of those, who'll
Agathodaimon - Stindardul Blasfemiei
Trei cruci de lemn, trei cruci enorme de lemn Vopsite cu trei culori, pazesc pe marginea soselei Fintina celor... crediciosi! Trei cruci pe marginea soselei cu gesturi largi de miini bolnave Opresc din
Agathodaimon - The Ending Of Our Yesterday
And when the moon enrapts the streams And trembles on the fen A thousand years have flown it seems Since then For if today I part the veil And see what time portended I feel that long ago the t
Agathodaimon - Tristetea Vehementa (Part 1)
Viata Dormiteaza Germinind Si-O Simt In Jur Universala Intr-o Nesfirsita Oboseala Si-n Absenta Ultimului Cind Iar Taina Aerului Otravit Intr-un Inceput De-nnoptare Alacelui Orizont Nemarginit Adoarme Fa


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