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Agathocles - A For Arrogance
I watch them at our gigs With an A on their backs The A stands for arrogance 'coz respect they surely lack I watch them at our gigs With an e on their jacks The E stands for enemy And egocentric Dog
Agathocles - Age Of The Mutans
What the fuck is going on ? Genetic manipulations - creating new species, what the hell is going on ? Retarded scientists - messing with human genes, Manipulation - of the foetal nature Sick selection
Agathocles - All Gone
The clock keep on ticking And it's hangingon death's wall The clock keeps on ticking For our earth to fall Over exploitation Of the sources of our earth Mindless consuption Which has started at our
Agathocles - All Love Dead
Smash your hammer, in Cupido's head, now we're all happy, 'cause all love is dead, All love is dead, and it ain't too bad, My mind is filled, with poisonnous thoughts, my feelings are fading, with
Agathocles - An Abstract
Love is an abstract Because it's so unreal Love is something Something I just can't feel. Is there something magic? When two people kiss, Is there something wonderful, That I should have missed? I
Agathocles - Autonomy Melts
the older you get, the deeper you get sucked in sucked into society, your autonomy melts freedom a joke, follow their rules and choke your autonomy melts, strapped by society's belts autonomy melts, au
Agathocles - Bastard Breed (intro)Scorn Of Humanity
They gnaw like little maggots On our friendhip-bonds, Demolishing everything we've built, They smash it to the ground, Remembering all the things, The times we spent together, These memories fade awa
Agathocles - Deserves To Die
A new age of punk has just begun, with new punk-idols being born, you play their records fucking loud, and say fuck off and think that's punk, Punk it deserves to die, 'cause all creativity has been d
Agathocles - EgoGenerosity
Avidity is dominant Voracity is permanent Seizure means supremacy A congenital malignancy
Agathocles - Foul
Pollution and chemical breath, please smell the stench of death that's spreading in the atmosphere, without knowing we're dying here. All these choking gasses suffocate, unknown horrible diseases pene
Agathocles - Gorgonised Dorks
GORGONISED - Don't let people shit on your head GORGONISED - Don't obey them like they've said GORGONISED - Don't let them control your life GORGONISED - Just remember that you're one of a kind GORGONI
Agathocles - Kill Your Fucking Idols
Kill your fucking idols Just smash them on the wall Don't buy their senseless records Don't be their fuckin' toy. Why worship stupid rock stars? Put autographs on your wall? Don't make them feel so s
Agathocles - Lay Off Me
Pretentious persons Who are bothering me And hurting my feelings FUCK YOU All those people Who are using me And abusing my trust LAY OFF ME
Agathocles - Mutilated Regurgitator
There is an animal With mutilated guts Caused by vivisection But now escaped and MAD And this animal It is coming back To crush all companies Which support such acts
Agathocles - No Sign Of Unity
new school, old school, all bollocks to me seems a name means more, then the ideology divided in two camps, no sign of unity common goals put in the closet in a split up scene no sign of unity-are you
Agathocles - Pale
pale vile thoughts unreal? locked, blocked, away more, every day no single fact left empty, emptiness left, left behind thoughts, real vile visions, surreal visions, forever sealed pale vile
Agathocles - Progress Or Stupidity
A bald treeis what I see not cause of fall but poison-clouds Rain drops are falling down from a poisoned sky Apocalypse has begun first the trees will die Human actions without reflections progres
Agathocles - Reprezione
Agathocles - Suffocation
Just for you I opened up Is this true? Or just another joke? Insomnia Reigns over me Heart beats fast Again another show? Insidious And false insights Again I ask Was I so blind? What's the poi


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