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Agalloch - A Celebration For The Death Of Man
Agalloch - A Desolation Song
Here I sit at the fire Liquor's bitter flames warm my languid soul Here I drink alone and remember A graven life, the stain of her memory In this cup, love's poison For love is the poison of life Tip
Agalloch - And The Great Cold Death Of The Earth
Life is a clay urn on the mantle And I am shattered on the floor Life is a clay urn on the mantle And I am scattered on the floor We are the wounds and the great cold death of the earth. . . Earth is
Agalloch - Dead Winter Days
There lies a beauty behind forbidden wooden doors A beauty so rare and pure, it would make human eyes bleed and burn... ...She killed herself in the fall... I am the unmaker, I bring death to the bea
Agalloch - I Am The Wooden Doors
When all is withered and torn And all has perished and fallen These great wooden doors shall remain closed. . . When the heart is a grave filled with blood And the soul is a cold and haunted shall of l
Agalloch - In The Shadow Of Our Pale Companion
Through vast valleys I wonder To the highest peaks On pathways through a wild forgotten landscape In search of God, in spite of man 'til the lost forsaken endless. . . This is where I choose to tread
Agalloch - La torre de la vela
encontrars de noche en la carretera O en lo ms alto de la torre de la vela Bscame all, ir dnde t quieras Porque tal vez nos lleven nuestras piernas hasta el mar Puedes buscarme dentro de una casa en ru
Agalloch - She Painted Fire Across The Skyline
Oh dismal mourning... I open my weary eyes once again My life has been left hollow and ashes have filled the gorge of my within Last night I hoped and wished I'd die in my sleep but no catharsis was
Agalloch - The Melancholy Spirit
It was in this haunted place under a moonless cloak of ebony I was drawn to the glow of a young spiritess weeping in the woods The blackest ravens and ice-veiled boughs Have spoken of you, goddess of
Agalloch - The Mishapen Steed
[Music by Breyer (12/98 - 1/99)]
Agalloch - You Were But A Ghost In My Arms
Like snowfall, you cry a silent storm Your tears paint rivers on this oaken wall. . . Amber nectar, misery ichor . . .cascading in streams of hallowed form For each stain, a forsaken shadow You are th


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