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Against Me! - 8 Full Hours Of Sleep
When you sleep, No one is homeless. When you sleep, You can't feel the hunger. When you sleep, No one is lonely in a dream. Without classes, Without nations... When you sleep, She's standing there
Against Me! - Cliche Guevara
And we'll keep ourselves in a place where it's easy to hold onto. the last threats came and went, this is the way that wars are played. always heading for a front, heading for a front, we go into the
Against Me! - I Still Love You Julie
Last night, A room full, drunk, Sang along to the songs I never had The courage to write. Given the chance I'd stay in this chorus forever, Where everything ugly in this world Is sadly beautiful In
Against Me! - Mutiny On The Electronic Bay
it's an into the sunrise aesthetic, let's pretend this is an informed consent. that class division doesn't make an infantry, there is no incentive, no franchise opportunities. and the magazine spreads of f
Against Me! - Pints Of Guinness Make You Strong
evelyn sits by the elevator doors it's been 37 years since james dies on st. patrick's day in 1964 but she could not hold it against him there were times when there was nothing she could do but lie
Against Me! - Reinventing Axl Rose
We want a band that plays loud and hard every night That doesn't care how many people are counted at the door That would travel one million miles and ask for nothing more than a plate of food and a plac
Against Me! - Rice And Bread
how can you not find everything you need in all of this? potatoes, rice, and bread, we'll burn it as we take it in. sing your heart out, sing it like you mean it, you're gonna sing everything you're thinki
Against Me! - Sink, Florida, Sink
Not one more word tonight between here and there Well put a distance the size of the ocean so now his heart can be a skipping rythem As the cadence carries me I almost drift away far enough to forget
Against Me! - The Politics Of Starving
its time for some real world politics, economics, history, math and english. there are some of us who have, and some that go without. america and justice are not synonymous. for all the fights, for a
Against Me! - Turn Those Clapping Hands Into Angry Balled Fists
Sleep on pillows made is Singapore Wrapped in comforters Sweatin through sheets Drinkin coffee in the morning Floatin on Airplanes across the vast seas And your house is made of wood Central air, cen
Against Me! - Walking Is Still Honest
Dear mother, This is just survival. Cannot promise your children everything, But you would lie so they can sleep tonight. Defeat tasted nothing like you said. Still 22 days left till the end of the wo


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