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Against All Authority - 1200 A M
It's midnight and she standing on the corner Her time is money and that's fucking up the order That's right she's crossing all the borders Standing in the shadows There's nothing else for her She d
Against All Authority - 24 Hour Roadside Resistance
We're under attack A knife in the back form you The sirens wail and I'm on my way Tied to the world with these four strings I play And they're always out of tune Gotta list of your needs and wants 24
Against All Authority - 30 Second Song
Where the fuck's my freedom? Uncle sam says not today. Thats the price you pay Living in the U.S.A.
Against All Authority - Above The Law
Couldn't get in the show Hangin' out in the street We had nowhere to go In the Miami heat We were just kickin' the shit We were just out havin' fun We didn't bother no one Four punks in a park A bi
Against All Authority - All Fall Down
It's all hopelessness, but we add hope in a sea of...of hopelessness. The air stings my eyes The water burns my skin I've seen the reactions through my actions But I don't try to change a thing at al
Against All Authority - Another Fuck You Song
To them we're paper, numbers in a profit margin we fill their pockets & keep their bank accounts enlargin' no one controls them, they're on the inside of a structure built on bribes elitest inner-circl
Against All Authority - Bloodclot
Against All Authority - Court 22
I was raised in a trailer Always told that I was a failure Never thought that I would get outta there My father kicked me out when I shaved my hair Never fit in with the other kids Singled out because
Against All Authority - Destroy What Destroys You
Johnny's pissed of at the institute of social oppression he's had enough & he can't take no more johnny's so tired of being held down by the system the rich get rich and the poor stay poor johnny bough
Against All Authority - Dinkas When I Close My Eyes
Night falls like the silence over Sudan Where children run like the blood on the sand And I can taste it like the dust that chokes this land A government sponsored slavery plan Lined up like cattle at
Against All Authority - Freedom
Everyday i listened to you and nothing's ever good enough you're always complaining about something you act so goddamn tough but all you ever do is let someone do your thinking for you and you have no r
Against All Authority - Hard As Fuck
One day I decided to pray I kneeled down & looked to the sky I asked God why is life so hard He turned his back & I started to cry You turn your back on me So I turn my back on you Fuck your system a
Against All Authority - I Think You Think Too Much
Don't know I'm watching you and every move you make I know what you do and everything you say I hear loud and clear and there wont be no escape For those of you who won't cooperate So don't stand in ou
Against All Authority - I Want To Stab You With Something Rusty
(By the Criminals) You're bigger and stronger, better than het I had a dream last night that I stabbed you to death You're charming and you're bold, you make my blood run cold You're not who you say yo
Against All Authority - Justification
How do you sleep at night?! 'Cause I lie awake And burn inside When I think of all the shit you've done When I think of all the times I've tried to understand your motives But they are not justifie
Against All Authority - Killing The Truth
Conspire to control The masses is your goal The lies we've bought you've sold But we're watching you And every grassy knoll and bell tower too Who's your next patay The lies caught up to you Speak t
Against All Authority - Life Style Of Rebellion
I'm a rat in a maze i'm headed in the wrong the direction if societies the cure well then i'm the infection when i was younger i tried hard to a find a place within it`s structure but the more that i
Against All Authority - No Reason
It was never easy growing up with you your words & actions left me confused the way you think about things makes the mad you tried to teach me your version of bad i never saw the reasons for your hate
Against All Authority - Nothing To Lose
He's running wild through the streets at night But he's hiding in the shadows by the break of day He's got a clip-on Spyderco knife But it's just for keeping the wolves at bay It's 2am, fucked up again
Against All Authority - Osuchowsk Is On The Loose
Against All Authority - Stuck In A Rut
Stuck in a rut with no way out Cause of a time when things are all about Being better way back then And the complacent didn't ask questions So bow down to your master And fit the image bound straight
Against All Authority - The Next Song
Stand in the crowd with your biggest pose You hide it well but everybody knows you and We watch just how you go along Easily led into battle by the first song Stalking your prey , single out the weak
Against All Authority - Ugly Desires
So you can't get it up you'd better take you medication Now you have an oily discharge running down your leg You're new girlfriend looks like the new sensation Plastic face and lips hide the feelings of


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