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Afu Ra - Admission
I need to tell this secret be sure to keep it down If this gets out I don't know what I'll do I've held it in through many heartaches and all you did was smile Cna't you see I've fallen in love wiht you
Afu Ra - All That
[Afu-Ra] You know I'm like a hop, skip and jump from slappin you senseless Perverted Monk on this mic, you feel the sentence Hot vernacular scorch just like incense I'm intense, shit vibin like a sixth
Afu Ra - Another Love Song
Last night I came home found you sleeping on the couch Have you been waiting up all evening I could've sworn that I saw tears flow from your eyes What's this emotion that I'm feeling I wrote a love son
Afu Ra - Bigacts, Littleacts
[Intro] Yeah, Perverted Monk representin YouknowhatI'msayin? [Afu-Ra] No need for cappin this Brave boys, I break your back with this Practice, math this, lyrical theatrics You'll never, ever, brave
Afu Ra - Blvd
 Artist: Afu-Ra Album: Life Force Radio Title: Blvd. feat. Guru [DJ Premier scratches] I'm comin' through It's the voice you can't ignore It's Afu [Guru] Hey yo, this is Gifted Unlimited, peace
Afu Ra - Defeat
[Verse One]: Afu-Ra Peep the finisher, blemisher, menace to sinister It's him with the, been with the, mic's Next to kin with the Lyrical assassinate like toxic waste Rocks is base, matches I burn up i
Afu Ra - Equality
(Bridge 1) Slow down, don't rush I'm here to keep the peace but I'm prepared to say, ay Slow down, don't rush I'm here to keep the peace but I'm prepared, now I say (Chorus-Afu-ra) Yeah, I pledge all
Afu Ra - Explanation
He stumbles in at night and the clock says 3 a.m. The love of his life just wonders Where on earth he's been He can't explain himself, A poor excuse is all he's got A mess of contradictions have His
Afu Ra - I Hate Myself
Walking down a crowded street I stop to get something to eat And I hope I see no one I know Out of the blue I see my ex I think she's looking for some sex But I tell her I don't want to go Some peopl
Afu Ra - Joyboy
Sit down and take a listen a story That's my confession of how you came into my life I wasn't sure if I was ready, I didn't think you were here already Six weeks before the estimated time Mom and I wer
Afu Ra - Monotony
[Hook 4X: samples scratched by DJ Premier] Uprising surprising Knowledge wisdom understanding [Afu-Ra] Smooth like Johnny Cochran, I keep it movin through Brooklyn Base against the hymn, brings the
Afu Ra - Mortal Kombat
[Intro] Perverted Monks style '99 style, knowhatimsayin? Comin at cha, this how we do [Afu-Ra] Paraplegic, my fightin stance too strategic No shadows on my kicks too much Chi horrific To be specific
Afu Ra - My Little World
I can't imagine any human being slapping me I got so high that I didn't let you get to me Ignored my problems With the help of my little boy I'm losing all that's close And I don't even wonder why An
Afu Ra - Outright Lies
I try my best to reach perfection And all I get is more rejection I wanna know what you're about It's nice to know Someone's out there asking But what's it worth When it's all you're telling? I thi
Afu Ra - Punk Rock Rulebook
Don't talk to me about selling out cause I won't be listening You're just another jaded kid who doesn't see I'm making money that's quickly spent I've got a family you ain't gotta worry 'bout the rent
Afu Ra - Quotations
[Afu-Ra] You wanna roll with the alphanumerical Lyrical, serial syllable killa wit the realness Feel this, mix tape shots, I peal this Ayatollah, strike like Casanova Give me a beat, and my styles, I
Afu Ra - Self Mastery
[Afu-Ra] The key is self mastery, mentally and physically Escapin dramas, plaguin the world, it's never easy, G Society is straight up, set up to hurt you Indirectly, with God logic, it's diabolic Let
Afu Ra - Selfish Means
Use some sommon sense for once because you take more than you give Turn a deaf ear on the ones whose problems don't concern you Selfish means are not an end, my friend Selfish means are not an end, time
Afu Ra - Soul Assassination
[Intro: sample, Afu-Ra] Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, ignition sequence start Say it, assassin, assassin, one, take it again Soul Assassins, Afu-Ra, yo, this how we do [Afu-Ra] You never heard of this
Afu Ra - Stick Up
[Big Daddy Kane] Fuck playin games, I start takin names Shake ya frame, time to start payin Kane Don't make me have to take it there and start sayin names Give you official in the middle initial Yes w
Afu Ra - Summer Photos
I've been down this lonely road before I'm here to say it don't get better That summer photo leaves me hurting more and my opinion doesn't matter Don't want to think about the fun we had I won't pretend
Afu Ra - Tomorrow Starts Today
You filled my head with empty promises you never kept I heard you swear you thought the happy times would never end Moments we spent together little did you know I heard about your antics time and time
Afu Ra - Worst Man Won
Breaking, this breaking up is hard to take No more apologies to say The bottom dropped, you tried to change me It didn't work, it's time to carry on Anger, my temper made you so afraid Final decisions


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