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Afterworld - After The Dark
[Spoken Intro] Feeling insane. You don't know if you are dreaming or awake. You feel certain that something is coming for you but you just can't be sure. Last night's happenings seem so unrealistic
Afterworld - Ending Our Days
[Spoken Intro] The day we have been waiting for so long is finally at hand. Waiting of this better day is now over. But as it seems this day turns to a disaster... Final day is closing in, there is n
Afterworld - Let It Go
[Spoken Intro] How come some people think they know things about other people when those people don't know those things even themselves. Some people seem to be especially interested in talking shit
Afterworld - Money Money Money
[B. Andersson, B. Ulvaeus ] [Spoken Intro] We planned to make this cover song long before this Abba boom that has been on recently. We felt that there was some hidden potential in this song and wan
Afterworld - Nothing To Lose
[Spoken Intro] There are certain issues in life which are not pleasant. These issues however are the ones you have to deal with. Sometimes you fail to handle these things and eventually you'll find
Afterworld - Tell Me Why
[Spoken Intro] You feel overburdened under your problems and feel like trapped in your own imagination. Realising that there are always new problems to deal with you decide to give up. No chance to s
Afterworld - The World Of Hypocrates
[Spoken Intro] There are certain institutions in the world, each of them declaring what they see as the truth. Use your own reason and don't get fooled by them.


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