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Afflicted - Astray
Cleansing my soul in temples of light reborn with God's love, delivered form the night given a second chance with a new life in sight and after a day there's always the night Astray-souls astray Trave
Afflicted - Consumed In Flames
I lay in darkness I anguish I dwell my soul is in torment I'm living in hell My mind is afflicted with agonizing pain scourging my soul can I be sane? Must do I so? Must I do what they say their
Afflicted - Harbouring The Soul
Blinded by the light that I can't see claimed to rescue me deafening the sounds I cannot hear for some obvious speeches-for others not as clear not as clear Serpent I am of thee... prodigal son striv
Afflicted - In Years To Come
My knowledge and logic fills my mind with fear thoughtless exploitation the deadline draws near... I behold the desolation before my eyes evolution's denaturalization the black rain falling from the
Afflicted - Ivory Tower
Rising he who was subdued committing acts of protest their speech of lave is misconstrued he will put it to the test Rejecting rule that's obsolete their influence won't last he won't accept to taste
Afflicted - Prodigal Sun
Afflicted - Spirit Spectrum
My veins begin to freeze as I adapt to cryogenic sleep slowly losing consciousness in the grasp of high-technology I'm falling through the scrying window spinning through a spheric world confluent, p
Afflicted - The Empty Word
(I have) Realize the meaning of the empty word humanity affected with the sight of (an even worse) our insane reality Build up your aggression release your frustration despite the ignorance of our pas


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