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Aerial - Caught Inside The Circle
i’m on the trapeze of everyday. seven o’clock came early with no sunrise. and to my surprise, i think i realized it was all of my own device. the flight was oh so long, and i’m still hangin’ on, to
Aerial - Disillusion
i know you’re tired of tryin’ beat right down to the ground. oh, you see the day is comin’, one of us will let you down. you camouflage the way your eyes speak, but we’re just one step behind. you
Aerial - Everybody Needs Someone
you quench my needs with an open door. you build me up when there's nothing left, like someone else's secret, you told cause you believe it. and i'll be with you and i'll be with you, though all the world
Aerial - Heart Of A Woman
you say you love her, so why bleed her dry? your words, they break her, and you wonder why. try a little harder, reach a little further, to love her. little whimpers echo by the pale moonlight, and teary e
Aerial - Love Disaster
he said that i’m the only one locked inside his head. the sweetness of his kisses on me – are hers instead. end this false illusion, cause now i see he’s changed. cause his cold love runs straight th
Aerial - Waiting
waiting for the one. all your life been waiting, but will it ever come? time, it only speaks to your in questions, never answers. cry yourself to sleep. in the waking hours of hopelessness, you pray for so


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