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Aeon - Aeon
Aeon - Blinded By The Afterlife
all that I wanted is to lay under ground this world is not for me, so I die as a god (of emptiness) I want to retire from a place for which I don't care my world, it dies too, but my life will not end d
Aeon - Bloodlust
Bloodlust drink i feed my thirst Warm blood food makes me strong Father of sin I am the one you call son of night Let me feed on your mortals Bloodlust Father of sin let me reign over blood So i can
Aeon - Clean Hand Of The Eternal Gods
there's no good for me no beauty I can see no sins behind me no part of all I don't want to be
Aeon - Congest
open the ceremony gates someone's life will end tonight limbed, shredded under the horns of the omnipotent blood spills free bleeding from all the sides our sacrifice for thee may satisfy thy hunger
Aeon - Dead They Await
meeting the elder ones hel, heloym, sother, emmanuel, sabaoth, agle, tetragrammaton, agyros, otheos, ischyros, athanatos, iehova, va, adonai, saday, homousion, messias, eschereheye their dreams are our
Aeon - Ephemeral
who's taking your life away? seems this is your final day have I strenght to go through this it's easier for you, you will find your peace in this world, that I detest so much there's always the need
Aeon - Eternal Hate
Born to hate Living my life ending yours Love to hate Utilized the light with lies I breed hate suffer I am reality I am the bringer of eternal hate I bring hate Upon your church upon your cross E
Aeon - Gyratory Stars
the moon sets under the sea gently feeding me with her love I continue to fill my veins and discover the pleasures of the other life the moonlight is charming me so much fondle me with her blessing t
Aeon - Hallway To The Unknown
is there a place? where we can find ourselves in the way that we want to be a place of happyness extasy and pleasure or it's (only) our fate to die in hate I saw last night a shining blast in front
Aeon - Handless
my world's so cruel my wound's so deep so much shit's around impossible to change
Aeon - Hell Unleashed
Hell unleashed now we dominate Years of darkness demons full of hate Angels die they suffer the lambs of god Darkness forever our time has just begun Hell unleashed Christians run evil dominant Meet
Aeon - Sadness Seas
no light my world is so dark all my feelings now die sadness dwells in my soul it's like a stone that will never fall large and vast like desert sand endless like a sea without end
Aeon - The Awakening
Father walk this earth I invoke you lord Rise to rule once more Create reality As it was always meant to be Enslave the week crush all the enemies Crawl obey the new dark order Enslave the ones who d
Aeon - The Interspace Between Us
die for me, you worthless lying machine leaving you to breathe would be only another sin living without you is the life I can realize the interspace between us is like hell from paradise
Aeon - The Return Of Apolluon
Dark ones rise above ground To destroy what god create Landscape after landscape They march fast full of hate Apolluon lord of destruction We summon you o mighty one Apolluon lord of destruction Ret


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