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Adrian Belew - 1967
Last night I took a walk into the back of my mind through the trash and the warning signs there was a party full of jokes and clich's I couldn't think of anything to say and so I slipped into the men'
Adrian Belew - A Plate Of Words
Shakespeare picks at a plate of words Van Gogh doesn't know half of what he's heard Pablo Picasso's at the bottom of the sea painting all the fish in the coral reef
Adrian Belew - Adidas In Heat
Jet set ski shop quasi silver Porche jacket bleached blonde forty-dollar Foster Grant capped teeth two-inch eyelash pseudo gamma delta doll Adidas in heat Beer slob Saturday addict pops another top K
Adrian Belew - All Her Love Is Mine
She carries me through days of apathy when I am a desert she washes over me and it gives me peace to know she accepts me even in my folly If the spotlight falls from my face or when I lose my grace
Adrian Belew - Animal Grace
Hey, the makings of a real event he slices through the urban air, immediate and confident yes, he's riding on a sonic wave defining a modern pose arriving in the status age I watched the animal grace
Adrian Belew - Another Time
I remember everything you said to me your moody stance, my nervousness your confidence I remember magnetism in your eyes you told me then without a sound you wanted me It makes me shake to feel this
Adrian Belew - Beautiful
Blue water swimming in pools around you blue water everything cool and quiet now the wind has gone to sleep Beautiful the way you are walking on the edge of time painted by the golden sun Blue shad
Adrian Belew - Big Blue Sun
When the summer clouds roll around the sky and a strand of stars sparkle in the night let me take your worry from you let me make a world around you let me love you like nobody ever tried When the laz
Adrian Belew - Bird In A Box
I'm not a free lunch box car parked in the seat dead-end streetcar of desire caught by the tailpiece I'm a jiffy pop tarts are bad for your teen-aged beef There's a mando-Linda Evans talking on the pho
Adrian Belew - Dream Life
Can you see me as your heart sees not apart from you, but a part of you and remember me as the man I am not the things I do or faults I have and when you lie asleep at night I'm beside you in your dre
Adrian Belew - Everything
One big mistake some people make is when they take for granted love will always stay the same because eventually love needs attention or it has a tendency to fade away that is why I'll always give you
Adrian Belew - Fly
I know I should feel welcome here way up in the atmosphere but I am afraid and if I land on earth again I'll be happy just to cut my face while I shave Now the sky is floating by but I am not a clo
Adrian Belew - Gunman
(Belew/Bowie) Gunman, my sort of star, we put you there you're all of us now, you're all over town on wrappers and cans, you're bigger than life you're braver than dad you're a gunman, holding your ow
Adrian Belew - House Of Cards
People like us have our eyes on the stars and we keep informed via TV Guide and we entertain in a house of cards but the trouble remains in our sleeping hearts Wake up! Get out, get out of this house
Adrian Belew - I Wonder
I wonder wonder wonder wonder what went wrong we used to used to used to used to feel so strong now we seem to come apart at the seam now we speak impolitely now it's a fight to be nice and you kno
Adrian Belew - Modern Man Hurricane Blues
When I was a boy simple times, simple joy and life was not full of hate and chaos a modern man lives in some kind of hurricane I need your love to keep me calm when the world is a storm Hell fire ma
Adrian Belew - Peace On Earth
The day is blue, there's nothing to do but watch the sad review of life going by... All the broken people in a world of hurt and all the hungry people crying in the dirt all the living people dying to
Adrian Belew - The Ruin After The Rain
When it first began in the light of sacred things and you felt oblivious to any sort of pain when it first began to rain then there came the steady flow slowly like a flood sweeping over everything a
Adrian Belew - This Is What I Believe In
Hold tight to your faith don't let nobody make you jaded your love is precious, give it to somebody who deserves it this is what I believe in Hold tight to yourself don't let nobody give you hell yo
Adrian Belew - What Do You Know
What do you know about love only that you live without it it chewed you up and spit you out What do you know about life maybe you read a few books and maybe you'd skip through a chapter or two cause


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