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Adorned Brood - A God Ruled Time
In a time, where magic spells and gods ruled. In a time, where Wotan held his hand above us. Welcome in a time, in which we can live as once. Spread your wings... Spread your wings and fly. [Ref.]
Adorned Brood - Adora
In the world where she was born witchcraft and sorcery were practiced Transformation, Christianity, Cremation Adora walks her way through the forest in the night. The moon is shining brightly. Ador
Adorned Brood - Arrival
Adorned Brood - Asgard
Magic is in the air. As many miracles, as many gods there in this land. - Asgard, land of the gods - I saw the path to him, there's no turning back. My entrance in this world was beautiful. [Ref.1] W
Adorned Brood - Black Beasts
The journey takes now many days and nights. Near the mountains, which stand majestic before them, they realise the wolvescry. Listen my son, the first trial is near. [Narog] An old majestic oak protect
Adorned Brood - Die Rede Des Erhabenen
Ich weiß, daß ich hing am windigen Baum neun Nächte lang mit dem Ger verwundet geweiht dem Odin ich selbst mir selbst, an jenem Baum da jedem... ...fremd aus welcher Wurzel er wächst. Si
Adorned Brood - Die Wiederkehr
[Ref.] Am Himmel stand die Sonne tief. Das rot des Himmels trankte den Wald. Die Erde bebte bei der Wiederkehr. Ihre Bestimmung war es zu sterben. Nach einer langen Schlacht, in welcher viele Krieger
Adorned Brood - Donerhamer
Adorned Brood - Furor Teutonicus
The moon lets proudly glisten the warpaint and spikes the knights they stand over there watching in the dark are fearless while they think That could be the last beautiful night. Be willing to d
Adorned Brood - Kissing The Heathen Amulet
Riding towards the horizon Upon the monumental rocks, awaiting the end of a dishonourable life, I perceive my morality fading to a weakly seeming substance, climbing towards my yer unsealed faith, I
Adorned Brood - Liar
Grey are the rainbow shades black is the sky´s colour white the painting of death destroying myself We don´t stand alone darkness is all around us we don´t feel the pain Pain is the meaning of li
Adorned Brood - Magic Nights
Exhausted and near death, Tyrael percieves a light in the dark. A few steps in front of a little house he drowns in deep unconsciousness. Dagaz, a nice young demigoddess, owner of this house, picks h
Adorned Brood - Mighty Swords
The battle begins, Side by side A battle of life and death. The battle starts. Mighty men with might swords Kill their enemies. Screams can be heard All over the land, carried by the wind. [Ref.1]
Adorned Brood - The Ambush
The journey went on, through a black forest of misfortune. Woods of murderers and scum. Far away they heard laughter. Many eyes followed them. Narog scented their were being watched. [Ref.] The seco
Adorned Brood - Totenmarsch
Schau umher du wirst ihn sehen es ist gewiss du wirst ihn gehen schau umher du wirst ihn sehen es ist gewiss du wirst ihn gehen Trete ein in die dunklen Reihen des Totenmarschs Du wirst dein Leben de
Adorned Brood - Unehrenhaftes Feindesblut
Der Morgen bricht herein und scheint durch den Nebel so matt. Stille herrscht über die ruhenden Krieger. Aus einem Hinterhalt, schelmig lachend, durch das Unterholz, eiserne Männer bewaffnet mit fü
Adorned Brood - Welcome Our Friends
Welcome our friends enter our realm we will rise again with your power we will win Show us your hands let us hear your voice without you we can´t win Worship him high above to see walhall one da
Adorned Brood - Wigand
Wenn still des Waldes Grun regiert, schenk ich meiner Seele Ruhe ein Will gefeit sein dem wilden Sturm, welchem ich uberlegen werd sein Der Opfer Gebein sterkt meine Klinge, der Ruhm sterkt mein Gemuh


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