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Adolescents - Amoeba
We are the scientists in the lab Looking through a microscope Those little glass slides they never lie How can this small mind cope? I've never seen anything like it before This amoeba's got a mind of
Adolescents - Creatures
I'm not accepted by my peers - so what I could care less about the queers - they're fucked The chicks are hot and full of cheers - pleasers They say no so I jerk white tears - teasers [Chorus:] I hate
Adolescents - Democracy
Is this what you call democracy? They're killing us, and you're killing me Now I know better, now I can see That I don't wanna be in democracy Now is the time for us to strike Do we know what we're do
Adolescents - I Hate Children
Another child born to the house - I hate children Raise him right so he won't be a mouse - I hate children I hate it when they make lots of noise - I hate children And i broke my neck tripping over thei
Adolescents - Kids Of The Black Hole
No sound is heard from unit two When there was once so much to do Was once a green mansion, but now it's a wasteland Our days of wreckless fun are through GO! Kids in a fast lane living for today No
Adolescents - L A Girl
We don't really care if you say we're too young We don't waste our time tanning in the sun We don't even care what you now or think Spoiled rich brat you ain't so neat [Chorus:] L.A. girl, L.A. world
Adolescents - No Friends
So your hair's bleached white now It's in to put Orange County down. Hanging out with L.A. sleaze well Go ahead and push us we don't want you around Sang for the Slashers you told Hermosa Beach So you
Adolescents - No Way
No class, no job I'm just a victim of society a slob No ass, no head I gotta go home and jack off instead No mind, no kind My brain is jelly and my memory is blind No way, no way I cannot live in a
Adolescents - Rip It Up
It's like Clockwork Orange a bit of twenty on one Breaking heads well that don't sound like much fun Is that your only way of getting kicks By breaking heads you can't fix Do you think you're tough Be
Adolescents - Self Destruct
Looking back on stupid things I've said Was that really me or was I misled Not even a smile cos it's been done before And you don't think it's funny anymore Crying I'm sorry I'm out of my head End up
Adolescents - Who Is Who
My friends call me enemy cos they're a fucking joke They'd better get their act together it's time that they awoke I'm cast out by my relatives cos they don't want me around I just sit in a corner and I
Adolescents - Word Attack
I'm not paranoid - don't/they No I'm not afraid - stop/won't But I sometimes wonder - fight/win What is on your mind - back [Chorus:] The gun in your hand is the gun at my head The gun in your hand i
Adolescents - Wrecking Crew
There's nothing to do Excitement level zero I can't find a girl Cos they're all out chasing heros We're just a wrecking crew bored boys with nothing to do Alone in a corner of a room with a knife Bet


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