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Admiral Twin - A Box Under His Bed
There's a box under his bed that he never opens up but tonight he pulls it out cause he's come to look for evidence of what he fears: senseless tears wasted years he pulls some relics out studies
Admiral Twin - A Year Ago
I saw her standing so close but so far away from me why did you have to leave me why did you have to go again nothing could change this feeling nothing could change my mind again one last look a
Admiral Twin - Aeroplane
Once upon a time... I was rattling around Like a songbird that you prized But it never made a sound Someone told me not to come They told me not to look But you know I never take advice And one tim
Admiral Twin - Another Day
She wears her anger like a sweater And it keeps her warm at night You know I’d love to undress her But we’d only fight I stumbled into her picture It’s all in black and white And the heroine’
Admiral Twin - Be The Show
You don't know me You don't care Mary, my hope My own sweet sister knows me You don't owe me But you should share Just before dawn The spotlight's on the lawn Helicopter Cameras on ya! You wanna
Admiral Twin - Change
This time I don't think that we’ll be okay something’s change something's gone again since you left life's been a drag I sit around and watch the days goes by This time I don't think that we’ll b
Admiral Twin - Down
My fate is now complete I pray the Lord my soul to keep she's crying in her sleep; in her dreams she hears the sound of marching feet. I'm laying in my bed thinking of the things I should've said
Admiral Twin - Ereht
Od yeht Litnu Pots t'now I tub Tuo nur tsuj srebmun eht lit' Hgih os tnuoc ylno nac I Won reh ot dneirf doog a eb Reh rof tiaw I tsum gnol woh Esaelp em llet Enoemos
Admiral Twin - Goodbye
Can you still taste that last goodbye? Like blood and old perfume It haunts you It won't go away And while it lingers On your tongue You let the faucet run You stare off You don't hear a thing Oh
Admiral Twin - Half A World Away
You don’t have to say you need me We’ve been down that road before Need always leads to trust, you know, And trust is a game we don’t play well. And you don’t have to say you want me Wanting
Admiral Twin - Her Mystery
Candles dance Her softened cue She returns Then goes away Brings you her magic And brings you her key Leaves you to wonder Her mystery Yet she contends You are her only friend Breathed in dreams
Admiral Twin - Heroes
And so goodbye Sweet words do ring Another day Our hopes will bring To jaded hearts And Sundays blue When love arrives It changes you Sometimes it's tangible That feeling in your soul Your dreams
Admiral Twin - It Pulls Me Under
It's that way with me sometimes When I catch a fever, tripping starry-eyed over a face In a lonely dim caf?br> I can stare for hours (only minutes relatively) I hate that feeling when it comes It sucks
Admiral Twin - Kingsmere Forever
I stare into space with an open door as I watch you walk away from my home thinking of you thinking of me thinking of what we used to be well fine just go its alright with me I dont need you or anyone
Admiral Twin - Miserlou
h --> hammer-on (and, sometimes, play in same beat) p --> pull-off (aka hammer-off) (and, sometimes, play in same beat) / --> slide up \ --> slide down # --> rest = --> hold note a beat 1pick --> si
Admiral Twin - Phone Call 27
Penelope, I guarantee You've never seen a thing like this Gravity has taken leave from my bedroom You must come You must come and see me I'm bouncing high above my bed And all the spiders outside
Admiral Twin - Renegade Planet
These are the true tales Glamour kisses Junk mail Meltdown glossies A behind the scenes yard sale And it's no secret anymore There's a renegade planet to explore Cold and difficult Limousine crime
Admiral Twin - Seventeen
Seventeen Claiming absolution To perceptions of the world You believe The evidence is clear The truths you hold so dear You'll always be the same Seventeen Trying as they might To show you things
Admiral Twin - Space Angels
In fact You're sorry that You ever had to go But you won't go back You know and It's sad It's all you had You never had to give it away Countdown Your wings have ground One leg at a time And sti
Admiral Twin - Sunday Blue
Saturday sweet Or was it Sunday Blue? We scattered seeds And the day grew Throwing caution to the wind And danger dances on the land's end Tripping over air No one ever really goes there Dancing


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