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Addict - 10 Chicken Wands And A Bottle Of Dom
Intro: Itsty-Bitsy! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey a chicken head Bone legged, buckteeth butterfly! Verse 1: One for the money, two for the show Three I want a real big booty to go Check it, for the homies
Addict - Abused
Won't take me home, I'm sweetness to the bone I'm silken and discreet, amiable and cheap Meat for you to pound, to beat and smack around Holes for you to fill with anything you will But I won't apologi
Addict - All Change
The trouble is the you think you've time Enough to waste enough to embrace Enough to let you just talk about what you will do Totally lost, fully undone How do you change what you've become It's all c
Addict - Backseat
(69 Boyz) girl we been on this telephone everynight for a whole month long you laying on your canopy and listen to all my fantasy but now it's time to feel to come true it's time for me to come throu
Addict - Black Hole
You can't deny what you are You are a part of a star like me We will return there one day soon We will return there one day soon
Addict - Booty Drop
Verse 1: Thrill Da Playa Come on, I'm speakin' up All the big-booty girls in the club Wussup with the table-top? Get up on, and make that booty drop If you want this pay You got to work baby, I ain'
Addict - Caned
Long face lines trace the time Memories that you hold dear Swear you've been blessed by years Routine that's kept you here So long, so long Strong, how much stronger, stronger than me Pull a little h
Addict - Da Train
( ) woman's line [We call it the train!] (Oooooooh, here come that train!) Chorus: Engine engine 69, headed down the party line And if that train go off the track, Then you know that party sho' nuff
Addict - Dust
I just lost my best friend I miss you so much I wish my life would end I cannot get up from down here I cried until dust appeared I'm trying to let go But it hurts like I've never been hurt before An
Addict - Monster Side
I am young but a fool I am stupid but I'm cool I am kind but I'm weak I can turn the other cheek All I wanted was to find a friend I just can't hide my monster side I can't control the loss I feel T
Addict - O mie
O suta de mesaje pe minut Si inca tu n-ai aparut Credeam ca tu vei fi un inceput Dar poate ca mi s-a parut refren1: Sunt chiar aici daca ma vrei Vino la mine Stau la etajul trei Nu sunt in pana d
Addict - Pentru ea
I: Despartire, o amintire e tot ce eu mai pot avea Visez la tine si stii prea bine ce numai tu imi poti reda. Prerefren: Vreau sa invat sa iubesc din nou Cu tine langa sufletul meu. Refren: Vrea
Addict - Puddin Tame
*Puddin Tame could be a euphemism of poontang ( ) = woman's line Verse 1: Thrill Da Playa Hey girlfriend, what's yo name? I've been watchin' you all night long And the way you move that Puddin Tame h
Addict - Sticky
Hey yo check this out I don't mean to sound like a fiend but Me and you make a better team than Hot dogs and pork & beans And I dig the way that you turn me on Last night at the Radison All alone me
Addict - Tootsee Roll
The butterfly? Uh-uh, that's old! Let me see the Tootsee Roll! Yeah, 199Quad! 69 Boyz backed up by the Quad City DJ's! One time ! Cotton candy, sweetie go, let me see the Tootsee Roll! Tootsee Rol
Addict - Underneath
Last night I saw the face of God But waking I'd forgotten who she was Now I understand the power of love Now I know nothing is all I've understood I want to know the truth But then again what's the us
Addict - Woof Woof
Better ride You in tune to the sounds Of the dance floor giants, 69 And we come to make you dance And I brought my dogs wit me Check it out Hold up, wait a minute Y'all dance, who think I'm pretty?


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