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Adamantium - Breaking The Connection
You sat there screaming, but I couldn't understand. It flowed from your mouth like a bad dream, and it made me sick. The air is thinning, drowning, in a sea of black. You sat there screaming, and I can'
Adamantium - Burial
So close so far we see who we are we've come so far but we still bleed we still scar We can't let go of these memories buried whole What makes us us what makes us close You can't create you can't unfol
Adamantium - Burning Bridges
The bridges have been burnt, and i wont pretend, i never saw it coming. I dont want this to end. Never even tried, never gave a shit. Go on with your life, dont let us hold you back. Who cares who you
Adamantium - Defeat The Purpose
From the depths of depression subsiding below To the center of your pain as all hatred grows You swear to avenge Destroy self control Ideas self destruct Your warmth turns cold Revenge so sweet Kill
Adamantium - Defiance
The threads are stripped, the walls are crumbling, nothing you say, could never stop me. The threads are stripped, the walls are crumbling, and piece by piece, everything's falling.
Adamantium - Filled With Shame
Regret Betray Turn your back Walk away Forget me Betray And now you're filled with shame We shared our lives Our friendship stains What's left for us? A life's worth of pain Regret Tattooed on
Adamantium - Forgotten
Blood runs black As the demon engulfs time Brainwashed into your mind Try to fight your way to hell Try to find a soul to sell To appease this place of death Lose your mind with every breath Suffoca
Adamantium - Fuck You
Now face me Not a word to say Now feel me scream this wall of hate I loved this friend But you lied You fucking pretend It tortures me Insanity That we must face Life loses taste My disrespect an
Adamantium - Goodbye
Wish on a star Watch it die Trapped beneath the timeless sky Every day the sun will rise I watch it fall and wonder why it died Goodbye I looked inside I tried to change But it won't work It's not
Adamantium - It Dies Today
Destroy me (x2) My will if you can Distance me (x2) From control of your hand Break tradition Break away Fuck tradition It dies today Distance me from traditional society Carve the layer from your
Adamantium - Molotov Solution
I'll burn the fucker down, then wait to watch the fire spread. Millions look on, as I end what you've claimed yours. I won't remain silent forever, eterrnity deafens the masses. These screams of protest
Adamantium - Raping The Willing
Wretched limbs tear at nothing, but wrinkled skin and diseased hearts, and black eyes cast blank emotions, that drop into hell taking you with them. you sell your soul, you've marked your way, death a
Adamantium - SelfInflicted Stagnation
I try to scrape the rust, but im spreading this desease. It's killing motivation, as it coats the air I breathe. Distorting every image, as past and present bleed, Aher lost cause, another dead end stre
Adamantium - The Bleeding Heart Theory
Twist my fucking arm, till i've stabbed you in the back. The tears you shed are fake, it's all part of your act. Muffled by the sounds of pain, find bleeding hearts to drown your shame, make yourself t
Adamantium - This Is Real
Torn at the seams A victime brought to his knees I tried to change it around No To make it fit to make it work Torn But nothing gonna give No Please help me I'm fucking torn at the seams A victi
Adamantium - Virus
Down instead of up, back instead of forward, faster and faster, begging to stop. Stop the madness. Slipping backwards, losing your life, the whole fucking world, to its knees by this virus. Could you
Adamantium - When It Rains, It Pours
When it rains it pours. these flooded floors are drowning time to end his course. you keep on pushing, he gasps for air, ignore the pressure, keep on pulling, till it tears and life is lost. it never e
Adamantium - Within A Dream
I must leave but will not Fear clutters thought Without I am alone Learn from what is known I see you within a dream All to dark to be seen In the past we have talked through friendship I'm living t


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